Sunday, December 30, 2012

I am N°5

Hey, Before The year of 2012 end ... I want to post an classy simple outfit which inspired by coco chanel =)
since i was doing chanel as my assignment so i saw a lot of the history of Chanel, to be specialized " Chanel number five ", so 5 was coco chanel favorite number and lucky charm.
Today post outfit maybe look simply, idk if you guys think it looks like chanel ( classy or not ), i just did this for fun and it was a sudden photoshoot outfit ( lol )
i don't put any accessories, but it will be better if i use pearl necklace instead of a silver necklace, and of course a chanel bag :D

so today i watch "les miserables" it's an musical movie but idk why i still liked it and also some parts of the act i laugh ( lol ) it's just funny to heard them dialog by singing !
i got a new celebrity crush on "les miserables" , the one act as maruse " EDDIE REDMAYNE" he may not look that handsome but idk i like looking at his face especially in this movie, + Amanda seyfried is so pretty and talented anne hathaway, hugh jackman and russell crow also kinda funny lol ( the way they dialog by singing to each other ) maybe i am not a really big fans of musical , but the story was great :)

it's times for me be " I am Miserables " since my test is on 2nd January 2013 ( Isn't GREAT?!)
I'll be back to my hometown "MEDAN" in 10 Jan 2013 *can't wait anymore*

hope you guys like it =)
and don't forget leave some comments, follow and i would like if we as "blogger"can be friends :)
I'll try to reply as soon as i finished my exam and follow back.

btw.. counting to new years eve, what would you guys been wearing?
I am still in the half of exam, but i will still celebrate new years ( hopefully ) and wear some nice outfit ;)) 

What do you think?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gloomy Christmas

Hello everyone !
I am so super busy these few weeks, tomorrow is my business law final exam :(
All i can wish for this year christmas gift is " I PASS MY EXAM"
so i also don't wanna be so lack in posting my last photoshoot outfit, it was taken on Last august holiday (lol) i know it's like so old x_x !
sorry for posting it now.. i just feels like wanna post it :D
since i am so stressed for my exam :)



Here some pics of the photoshoot by " Arie Hardian " :)

posing :D

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hard Rock, Enough?

Back to fashion blogerring ...
after a quite a long time not blogging, just find a time to having a photoshoot in my housemate room ( THANK YOU MELISSA @chen_cia_cia ) xoxo :*

I have a lots of assignment to submit, damn -_- every week i need to submit something. I feel tired with this uni life but still have to fight it. Basically, today i am going to say "congratulation / chulkae" to my dear friend of her new in relationship status ,long last dear !

This week i am having a 1 week holiday, so i spend it with watching gossip girl ( oh my god - i love this series "especially chuck bass" chuck and blair it's a perfect couple ) and of course watching glee and vampire diaries , not forgetting my marketing assignment and my spanish presentation -_-" oh damn is it holiday? NO IS NOT >.<"
knowing my best friend which is at my hometown (medan) arghh they meet up and hang out , so badly i wanna join but i can't :( spending holiday in malaysia-watching-shop"a-bit"- part timing and lastly blogging ...

Today theme is rock and roll which inspired my "the pretty reckless song - make me wanna die" and i am addicted to this song especially when u heard it from the last year victoria secret fashion show! it makes you like a model walking on the stage LOL ,all photo are taken by melissa ( my housemate ) and edited by me :)
Do you think it's rock enough? to roll the day? comment and if you like, we can follow each other :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Napa Valley

Tonight i am going to post lots of picture, these pictures means a lot to me...
every snap is a moment/memory that i will never forget :)
after a few year, i finally met my brother and sister..
Every single day that i spent with them is a beautiful memory and i will be always happy around them.
The best holiday ever and the best day ever in my life :)
i feel safe, happy, comfortable etc..
just the feeling is good !
Picture can describe it , just take a look at my pictures :P
and btw.. i'm so into SPIKEY thing these days, i have to collect all spikey things !!!

i think i'm gonna get one after i got my first salary :P, i've been working part time for adding experience and of course ++money :P

I don't know what kind of feeling is this but for these days..i feel some of the person that i know is kinda avoiding me or dislikes me, or maybe it's just my feeling but no matter how i keep positive thinking, the feeling still come out and i'm not envy of anything but just that something has changed. The feeling is like being lefted, when you have the new one to enjoy with. ( just feel like wanna spill it out )

no more sad talking, better thinking about the happy thing and let's take a look !

Napa Valley is just awesome! it's a winery yard and this place that i went is a wine tasting place, it's a ferrari carrano wine tasting. too bad i'm below 21 so i can't taste any wine, whta i can do only snapping picture and posing :p
but i don;t care as long as i am here with my family :P
it's been a long time, i havn't went to a trip with my bro n sis coz they haven't go back to hometown for like about 5 years :) that's why i miss them so much. Enjoy :)

Napa Valley, the winery place

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hey there long time no post, i've been like busy and i just started my uni for year 2.
so this is it year 2 of my uni life, it's been a year i'm in malaysia ! Time flies so fast :)
Tonight, i'm just giving a quick outfit post ;)
this picture is taken before my august holiday, and the reason i wanna put this picture so i can still remember the memories :)
skip that part, btw it's just a quick post and i promise i'll post my fantastic holiday on last august, it's just the best holiday ever ! it's such a bless and i feel comfortable, happy all the time ! because i finally met my sister and brother, after a few years ! at first it's awkward but after that i feel like a lil sister, how my sis and bro take care of me .. after a long time we didn't met :(
ooops spoiler for the next post :p
back to the point, so here my outfit post :)
hope u guys like it and feel free to comment !

Monday, July 16, 2012


14/07/2012 - My impossible dreams are come true ♥
it's a historical day of MY LIFE !

Never say never to the impossible thing because everything is possible.
I have a dream since i was in senior high school, i wanna meet justin bieber ! watch his concert ! and shake hand with him :)
most people might think that i am crazy #thatday but i keep those dream until now and it is still unbelievable. I live in a small city of indonesia and it's so impossible that a billboard star will having a concert in my city : "MEDAN" , even if there is a concert or event all will be held in our capital city "Jakarta". Right now, i am having my uni in malaysia and it is such a bless !!! I met an awesome people here like my friends, i experience living outside my country without my parents or family, i watch 2PM concert and now i watch MTV WORLD STAGE 2012 LIVE IN MALAYSIA !

so, here is my story :

i went to MTV WORLD STAGE 2012 LIVE IN MALAYSIA with my friends ivone, claudia, belinda, helen and viky.
In order to reach my dream ! to MEET JUSTIN BIEBER ! I have to queue up from 11 am until the show start on 6.30 pm , i need to get the front row ! and i get it ! that day i still can't believe i'm going to watch bieber very closely with a clear sight
i got the front row and when justin bieber come out "i don't know what to say, i am speechless just wanna cry :'(" he is super handsome and cool !!!!
He sang 8 songs : Baby, All around the world, Be alright, Die in your arms, never say never, one time, boyfriend, as long as you love me.
At the last song, he jump off to the ground and shake hands with his belieber !
Including ME
i feels like i wanna cry :'( i am too happy ! i touch his hand and my dream are really comes true !!!!!!! Besides, i am still curious LOL. it's MTV LIVE show that will premiere on 28 july 12.30 pm #checkitout , am i inside the show :P because i am in the front row and i keep screaming whenever the camera turns to audience, hope so !
i feels like i wanna go to mtv world stage next year, maybe i can met another awesome star !
after justin bieber, it's time for the korean girl band "KARA" they sang a lot of song too and then "MIZZ NINA" the local malaysian singer , LASTLY ! it's "JAY PARK" ,i only know 1 song from him but he is sexy and hot :P , he show his abs LOL and all the audience just shout !
it's a very tired day but it's worth it because i watch justin bieber and touch his hand ♥

Friday, July 6, 2012

Drive By

I've just submitted my lovely ASSignment today \m/ wooo
The feeling when u submit it, it's like heaven \m/
Tonight i'm going to post about my last week refreshment to KL with my dear housemate melissa, the picture it's a bit blur. I'm trying my best to cover it but just focus on my story, okay?hahahaha
so we supposed to meet melissa's family that came from her hometown. Before the meeting we do window shopping at times square. i can't believe zara, topshop, forever21 SALE up to 50%. it's like heaven on earth but of course i'm not that crazy. We met local singer " Thomas Jack", i don't who is that -,- but they are good looking (nuff said). I took some pic, but it was blur :(. I've got 1 is quite good. After that, we met melissa's family and have a dinner at alor street and we went to pavillion to look at zara (of course). i bought 1 sweater with a disc of course (only 1) :D. After that we went to her uncle apartment it was quite nice, the apartment view was awesome. We can see the petronas tower and KL tower. Finally we're going back to our home sweet home apartment and thanks to her uncle to drive us back to our place :). Melissa little cousin is very cute, i feels like arghh wanna hug her and she's good at posing :P
Another story of this week is... i've addicted to watch we got married: "leeteuk & kang sora" , and of course korean drama "Rooftop Prince". This drama is recommended for you guys, i've cried watching eps 19. because it was so sad :( and i'm kinda to put my feeling on this drama. My new crush is "Park Yoochun" ( one of the jyj member ) he is in the drama !!! One of the quote that i love from that movie is....
" Even 300 years pass, I will always love you " - Lee gak ( Rooftop Prince )
I'm going to keep doing anything, that can distract me so i'm not thinking about my personal problem. Like last Monday, i was .... very very very aigooo. i feel stupid ! why the hell i am doing in the lectures, it was so bad crying in the lecture hall while it is a revision class x_X so it was so many people attending. i can't believe what they're thinking of me, i've tried my best to hold it but i can't.
"Fall to deep, Hurt to hard" - by anonymous
Try listen to train song, Drive by. The reason i use this as the title is because i'm not a drive by, and please try listen to it :)

Back to my outfit, so that day i wore:
Necklace- Forever21
Lace skirt - fuel design
Bag - Rabeanco
Flat shoes - vincci
Hairband - shop at midvalley

my shoes

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Formal Day

Sorry for the very lately post..
Assignment is driving me crazy, i've got presentation and assignment to submit next friday.
Moreover the final test is coming in july, i feel so stressed.
Today i am going to post my outfit in last week economy forum that was held in my university, where all group section have to make a poster, ppt slides and video about our lovely macro assignment :/
so every class have their booth to explain about the economic assignment to lecturers, malaysia minister of finance and professor that analyzing about the economic. ( SOUNDS BORING )
everyone have to wear formal dress :)
btw yesterday is birthday, and i'm going to post about it later on in the next post when i have time :)

Some pictures are taken by my lovely mabro agatha carissa and some pictures are credit to jerrico (in caption)

Outfit of the day :
Top - Topshop
Skirt - cotton on
Stocking - Unbranded
Heels - Charles & Keith
Bag - Rabeanco

it's semi formal look, not too formal :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Feel so close

My life has been upside down for this few weeks, sometimes i feel happy but sometimes i feel like wanna cry for a hole day without caring about my eyes swollen and everybody start asking me ,"what's wrong with you?". it makes me feel sucks.  A lot of thinks that i have been thinking, i still haven't know what is the answer and what is my decision. One thing that i have been thinking about is LOVE, Some people say he loves her BUT why he doesn't fight for that girl? if you really love someone, you willing to do anything LIKE spending some time and OF COURSE "Communication-respond well". Forget about it, when i feel down what i do is keep doing something, do assignment maybe?or hang out?shopping?any activity, the important thing is "you don't stop doing it and not thinking about something that makes you sad and cry that cause your eyes swollen".
How i feel now is "I'm not MAD but I'm HURT". it's not that i want to be friends but i wanna make you know how it feels like but seems useless :)
Message for the boys : "Don't just say that you love her, but fight for it and never say to your girlfriend that she is a disturber, or you rather/prefer chat with your dear dear love best friend forever than her AND don't play girls heart"

enough for the chit chat, now let's enjoy pictures of today :)
fresh from oven, and today i have so much fun with my friends. Playing roller skate, have a dinner, and watch some magic show in the mall \m/ yayy!
Lastly, outfit of the day !
-Jeans top - unbranded
-Skirt - guess

Pictures credit to melissa my dear housemate \m/
edited by me \m/

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hello bloggerssss ..
i feel very sorry for the very late post , it is my first post on may :(
i am kinda super stressed out with my assignment, mid term test and also feelings :(
i feel tired inside out : mentally & physically
i have cough + flu for 1 weeks and + i fell down from stairs ..
it's not that bad, just it's a little bit painful.
i'll try to post when i have time, and sorry for people i haven't follow..i've just online so i can follow now XD sorry for waiting too long ~
today title is "Alive" inspired by bigbang world tour 2012 XD
it's also to make sure that this blog is still "ALIVE"
i feel i am going to be crazy !!!
everything seems so hard and i feeling down for every single day, words also can't explain just hoping someone can understand me..
i wish i can hold my tears every time it starts falling and control it but still can't do that, i think i am a very sensitive person but i'll try not to be that kind of person..
i wish i PASS THE TEST ! XD
i wish you know how i feel .
i wish i can read people mind, so i know what on people mind and what he/she thinks about me.
MAY, it's month of struggle :(
I wish i can go through this faster and i can hold on to this ****
and i believe before there always a rain before a rainbow shows up :)
what i need to do is keep positive thinking XD
One sentences that i like the most "Please GROW UP"
*don't mind for those sentence, i just feel like want to shout that sentences out loud XD
and #ldrsucks but i have to fight for it =D
i am a strong girl XD
Smile for cover sadness and smile for become a strong girl :)

"Wishing all the best for all bloggers around the world" 

today theme is blue <3
LuVey, Daddy's little girl :)

Sheep :)

What i wore :
- crop top - unbranded
- Lacey skirt - Fuel Design 

"I love fuel design, their collection are awesome and limited+ it's handmade :)"

p.s : just love to post outfit :)
thank you for visiting my blog, thank your anyone who follow my blog i will try to follow back as soon as i am online :)

wish me luck for my mid test - assignment and anything !
gamsahamnida :* 

i've got some announcement :))

 i wanna say thank you to bonjour tout le monde for nominated me on VERSATILE AWARD :)
it is the first award that i got !! *hoorayyy*
thank you austin !! and do please follow HER , her blog is awesome !!

last but not least , i also wanna thank you for my follower and reader :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Love Rain

Today, I am going to post about an outfit that inspired by korean drama series called
"Love Rain // sarangbi //사랑비 "
it's still on air in kbs2 / korea tv channel every monday & tuesday
i watch it online every week in some free websites XD
it's quite a nice stories about love and there is one quote that i really like from this drama,
" Love never say sorry "
but you know it is just a quote XP , sometimes i get angry when my boyfriend didn;t say sorry because of what he did to me ..
like insulting me zzzzz - i think every girl have suffered this kind of problem when in relationship , it's the first time for me so this is kind of new thing for me TEEHEE :D

now lets go to the point :
so today i will post my outfit , vintage style :D
but i don't wear any shoes because i shot this alone by myself and it's on my bedroom..
like i said before ..
BEDROOM is everything for every colleague in this world that study abroad :)

arghh i miss my hometown, my family, my bed , my dog , my friends and my biu <3

but good news \m/
my biu is going to study at malaysia also , so i can met him easily even my place to his place is quite far which take about 45-60 minute (if it's not jam)

btw back to topic ..
this is it vintage theme inspired by love rain with some touch of nerd :)
self photograph & theme :P

p.s : thank you for reading and if u follow me i will follow back and don;t forget to comment :) thankiesss <3
lots of love <3
thank you to picnik also for helping me edit a lot of picture of me :) "bye picnik !"

what i wore :
cardigan by mango
mini vintage dress shop at china
nerd glasses shop at sunway pyramid ( malaysia )

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Navy Blue

Posting some outfit with the color of navy blue and a bit contrast blue ..
i got the sweater for quite a cheap price and i don't have any idea how to match it ..
so last saturday when i'm a bit stressed out because of ASSignment & relationship , it turns out to be like this ..
find the way to leggo my stress
*ultimate facepalm*
my bedroom is the only place that know how my hearts feel, the place where i cries where i suffer where i survive ( LOL ) sorry a bit feeling blue this few days :)

using blog as diaries is also the way to express feeling, some people say it immature but i think everyone have their own way to express it maybe it's immature but it makes me feel better :)

"No one know about yourself or what you think , the one know yourself is YOU / Myself"
"Don't expect top much if the end you are the one that will get hurt".

so here it is , the color of blue represent the hearts - mind - soul when i'm feeling so blue ~
it's quick post :)

p.s : If u like to follow me,I will follow back as soon as i am online and thank you for following and thank you for reading this immature stuff that i did :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Street Style

Hey bloggers , long time no post :)
now i'm back ;) & now i'm also back as a college student AGAIN in my sem 2 ...
long holiday just makes me more lazy and lack in my study , sem 2 is really a bad start for me .. in just 2 weeks after the new sem start .. ASSignment is posted in ours student portal include with the DUE time :(((
sorry for not post in a long time and sorry for those already follow me ( i'll follow back too )& sorry for waiting too long , I WILL FOLLOW BACK EVERY FOLLOWERS ;) WHEN I'M ONLINE :D

so tonight i'm going to post my picture which is taken on last march in my home town "medan-kesawan square" & currently i'm so interested in photography stuff , and i really like to think about having a theme for a photoshoot ...
tonight picture is all about "STREET STYLE"
this theme is inspired by "BIGBANG MUSIC VIDEO - BLUE"
they wearing a very unique jcket and stuff <333333
omg i really love it <3333
and sneakers <333

hope you enjoy ;)

what do you think ? feel free to comment :)

what i wore :
- baseball shirt shop at sungei wang
- tank top - H&M
- Denim - gaudi
- sneakers - converse
- retro sun glasses borrow from my dearest friends " NOVIA WONGSO "



Monday, February 20, 2012

Girls Night Out

Hello Bloggers , Today I'm going to post my last saturday night with my ex-classmates from my old school "sutomo 2" .. it's been half year after we graduated so we having dinner together to talks about our school life and else ....
we're having our dinner at bakerzin - medan , the price it's quite expensive :S

here are some pic :

Blazer-DejaVu//Tank Top-H&M//Short-DejaVu//Boots-zara//Bag-unbranded//Necklace-warna

thank you for visit my blog , if you follow me i'm sure i'll follow as soon as i'm online :)

Hugs & Kisses