Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Napa Valley

Tonight i am going to post lots of picture, these pictures means a lot to me...
every snap is a moment/memory that i will never forget :)
after a few year, i finally met my brother and sister..
Every single day that i spent with them is a beautiful memory and i will be always happy around them.
The best holiday ever and the best day ever in my life :)
i feel safe, happy, comfortable etc..
just the feeling is good !
Picture can describe it , just take a look at my pictures :P
and btw.. i'm so into SPIKEY thing these days, i have to collect all spikey things !!!

i think i'm gonna get one after i got my first salary :P, i've been working part time for adding experience and of course ++money :P

I don't know what kind of feeling is this but for these days..i feel some of the person that i know is kinda avoiding me or dislikes me, or maybe it's just my feeling but no matter how i keep positive thinking, the feeling still come out and i'm not envy of anything but just that something has changed. The feeling is like being lefted, when you have the new one to enjoy with. ( just feel like wanna spill it out )

no more sad talking, better thinking about the happy thing and let's take a look !

Napa Valley is just awesome! it's a winery yard and this place that i went is a wine tasting place, it's a ferrari carrano wine tasting. too bad i'm below 21 so i can't taste any wine, whta i can do only snapping picture and posing :p
but i don;t care as long as i am here with my family :P
it's been a long time, i havn't went to a trip with my bro n sis coz they haven't go back to hometown for like about 5 years :) that's why i miss them so much. Enjoy :)

Napa Valley, the winery place