Monday, July 16, 2012


14/07/2012 - My impossible dreams are come true ♥
it's a historical day of MY LIFE !

Never say never to the impossible thing because everything is possible.
I have a dream since i was in senior high school, i wanna meet justin bieber ! watch his concert ! and shake hand with him :)
most people might think that i am crazy #thatday but i keep those dream until now and it is still unbelievable. I live in a small city of indonesia and it's so impossible that a billboard star will having a concert in my city : "MEDAN" , even if there is a concert or event all will be held in our capital city "Jakarta". Right now, i am having my uni in malaysia and it is such a bless !!! I met an awesome people here like my friends, i experience living outside my country without my parents or family, i watch 2PM concert and now i watch MTV WORLD STAGE 2012 LIVE IN MALAYSIA !

so, here is my story :

i went to MTV WORLD STAGE 2012 LIVE IN MALAYSIA with my friends ivone, claudia, belinda, helen and viky.
In order to reach my dream ! to MEET JUSTIN BIEBER ! I have to queue up from 11 am until the show start on 6.30 pm , i need to get the front row ! and i get it ! that day i still can't believe i'm going to watch bieber very closely with a clear sight
i got the front row and when justin bieber come out "i don't know what to say, i am speechless just wanna cry :'(" he is super handsome and cool !!!!
He sang 8 songs : Baby, All around the world, Be alright, Die in your arms, never say never, one time, boyfriend, as long as you love me.
At the last song, he jump off to the ground and shake hands with his belieber !
Including ME
i feels like i wanna cry :'( i am too happy ! i touch his hand and my dream are really comes true !!!!!!! Besides, i am still curious LOL. it's MTV LIVE show that will premiere on 28 july 12.30 pm #checkitout , am i inside the show :P because i am in the front row and i keep screaming whenever the camera turns to audience, hope so !
i feels like i wanna go to mtv world stage next year, maybe i can met another awesome star !
after justin bieber, it's time for the korean girl band "KARA" they sang a lot of song too and then "MIZZ NINA" the local malaysian singer , LASTLY ! it's "JAY PARK" ,i only know 1 song from him but he is sexy and hot :P , he show his abs LOL and all the audience just shout !
it's a very tired day but it's worth it because i watch justin bieber and touch his hand ♥

Friday, July 6, 2012

Drive By

I've just submitted my lovely ASSignment today \m/ wooo
The feeling when u submit it, it's like heaven \m/
Tonight i'm going to post about my last week refreshment to KL with my dear housemate melissa, the picture it's a bit blur. I'm trying my best to cover it but just focus on my story, okay?hahahaha
so we supposed to meet melissa's family that came from her hometown. Before the meeting we do window shopping at times square. i can't believe zara, topshop, forever21 SALE up to 50%. it's like heaven on earth but of course i'm not that crazy. We met local singer " Thomas Jack", i don't who is that -,- but they are good looking (nuff said). I took some pic, but it was blur :(. I've got 1 is quite good. After that, we met melissa's family and have a dinner at alor street and we went to pavillion to look at zara (of course). i bought 1 sweater with a disc of course (only 1) :D. After that we went to her uncle apartment it was quite nice, the apartment view was awesome. We can see the petronas tower and KL tower. Finally we're going back to our home sweet home apartment and thanks to her uncle to drive us back to our place :). Melissa little cousin is very cute, i feels like arghh wanna hug her and she's good at posing :P
Another story of this week is... i've addicted to watch we got married: "leeteuk & kang sora" , and of course korean drama "Rooftop Prince". This drama is recommended for you guys, i've cried watching eps 19. because it was so sad :( and i'm kinda to put my feeling on this drama. My new crush is "Park Yoochun" ( one of the jyj member ) he is in the drama !!! One of the quote that i love from that movie is....
" Even 300 years pass, I will always love you " - Lee gak ( Rooftop Prince )
I'm going to keep doing anything, that can distract me so i'm not thinking about my personal problem. Like last Monday, i was .... very very very aigooo. i feel stupid ! why the hell i am doing in the lectures, it was so bad crying in the lecture hall while it is a revision class x_X so it was so many people attending. i can't believe what they're thinking of me, i've tried my best to hold it but i can't.
"Fall to deep, Hurt to hard" - by anonymous
Try listen to train song, Drive by. The reason i use this as the title is because i'm not a drive by, and please try listen to it :)

Back to my outfit, so that day i wore:
Necklace- Forever21
Lace skirt - fuel design
Bag - Rabeanco
Flat shoes - vincci
Hairband - shop at midvalley

my shoes