Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hey there long time no post, i've been like busy and i just started my uni for year 2.
so this is it year 2 of my uni life, it's been a year i'm in malaysia ! Time flies so fast :)
Tonight, i'm just giving a quick outfit post ;)
this picture is taken before my august holiday, and the reason i wanna put this picture so i can still remember the memories :)
skip that part, btw it's just a quick post and i promise i'll post my fantastic holiday on last august, it's just the best holiday ever ! it's such a bless and i feel comfortable, happy all the time ! because i finally met my sister and brother, after a few years ! at first it's awkward but after that i feel like a lil sister, how my sis and bro take care of me .. after a long time we didn't met :(
ooops spoiler for the next post :p
back to the point, so here my outfit post :)
hope u guys like it and feel free to comment !