Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Feliz cumpleaños // Happy birthday // 生日快樂 // joyeux anniversaire !!!

This post is specially dedicated for the second greatest man that i have ever known ! The first man was of course already taken for my family ( Grandpa, Father and Brother ). This man is surprisingly surpass my expectation on the boyfriend criteria. He is the most patience, perfectionist, mature, commit, annoyingly cute, super caring yet not possessive kind of man, understanding me ( a quite stubborn girl ) and many more. He is a man with commitment, honesty and straight forward that he want this relationship to last. He is not that typical romantic guy who give flower or expensive stuff. Playing prank for april mop, telling me that he urgently need a medicine and come to my apartment unit just to meet me and talk to me in midnight. He is the first man who come to my door and give me surprise by buying me a pillow not a doll lol ( special pillow for having neck-ache) lol. He is the man who take care of me fully 100% when i am sick, cooking, accompany me to the doctor, buying me food even he has to walk quite far. He is the man who peel off fruits for me cause he know that i am too lazy to peel it. He is the man who support, advising and accompany me 24 hours when i am doing my thesis - let me repeat that skripshit ( he even help me ) lol. On my birthday, he is trying his best to be a romantic boyfriend, give me flower, gift and romantic fine dinning (super appreciate his effort since he is not a type of romantic man). He cooked for me and yes he is a chef. He even accompany watching tv series that he never watch before like glee, antm, korean drama lol. OMG its too many, but yeah my day is always awe-some legennnnnnn wait for it - daryy !!! when i am with him. He makes me feel safe and respect me. In our 9 months of relationship, i even forget what we have fight about and i just remember the sweet memory things, happiness with 4 months of LDR ( long distance of relationship ) as we trust each other. He makes me fat T_T cause we love to eat so much - steamboat for two, jojo noodle jumbo portion (cryyy....). Not to over exaggerated, he is the kind of man that i want to have for the rest of my life as we complete each other. The first time i fall in love, i never thought that experiencing heartbreak will be that worst and never thought that this heart can turn into numb. The man who turn this numb and cold heart to spark, feel and beat again is you. Yes, i apologize that it sounds so clingy. I never thought that meeting you will be the greatest moment that i ever have and you are one of the best thing that have happened in my life. Thanks to fmfa (future music festival) 2014 - Day 3 cancellation and my friends, the day i met you for the first time and the person who make me miss to stop at my train station and luckily i only pass one station -.-' because of chatting this man hoek !

 Its almost - (a day) to our 9 nine monthsarry, tomorrow to be precise. But today is a special day 28 January 2015 ! A special post as you requested long time ago ( 'When are you going to put me inside your blog?- teeheee hahahahha" ) A special post for my crazy boyfriend ( our own nickname mi pacar giyak ) A special day - Adrian's birthday ! Happy twenty-one to this annoyingly cute man my man. Welcome to the legal age ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! This may be our first time celebrating your born day together but lets cheer to another year - future - forever events to celebrate together. I wish you all the best for OUR future (shymodeon) loves, career and everything going smoothly ! and I guarantee you ! your life will fill with joy and happiness especially because there is me ! Lets build, share and achieve our future, goals and dreams together through ups and down ! I believe we will make it. Happy TRICKY birthday my man :)

Last but not least, three words eight letters : "I Love You".
He is my chuck bass
Lock of love 
Airport, when i went back to malaysia for studies
My birthday

white white white

before he leave to france ( 10 days leaving me  :( ! )

si pesek

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  B I I  ! ! !

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blank Space

Everyone must be curious, why did i name this post "Blank Space". The reason is because the outfit that i am wearing is actually inspired from Taylor swift - blank space music video. it catch my attention when i saw the maroon sweater crop top that she is wearing with high waist pleated plaid skirt which is really his style or called " Preppy look " ! I myself actually like preppy style a lot especially when i am still in university, i tend to wear this kind of look. One of the most important element in working this style out is 'Oxford shoes' !

About this post, the pictures that i am going to post is captured when i am still in Malaysia and the day i lose my phone! to be specific, Christmas eve :( (pathetic). When (before the incident) i was actually having a good time with my friend - Tiffany ( partner hunting foto cantik ), we were having lunch at Calavera. It's a Mexican restaurant and the decoration is super duper cool or one word to describe SKULL ! a restaurant with Halloween vibes, the food is also quite good and the service is great. One of the thing, i will miss in Malaysia is maybe visiting a cool restaurant. 

Anyway, Valentine day is approaching and i am thinking to wear a white dress to create a clean, minimalism and edgy look. As we know that white dress is one of the must have item to put in our wardrobe. However, it is not easy to find the perfect white dress compare to black dress. But, I would like to share with everyone that do not worry about finding the perfect white dress anymore ! In Zalora Indonesia, they have one section full of their white dress collection. I myself can't wait to get one for my valentine dinner!

p.s :  sorry for the late post, my boyfriend was in the hospital last week because of dengue fever :(

Sorry, I talk a lot and so here it is my outfit of the week perhaps? enjoy !

Hat and necklace - H&M // Top - Topshop // Skirt - Forever 21 // Shoes - H&M // Bag - Zara

Calavera Malaysia

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Affordable " Prom Dress 2015 "

Its 2015 already! New Year means new resolutions! As i mention before about the prom night for senior high school which is getting closer in few months. Exams also getting closer and i am afraid you might have run out your time for searching a perfect prom dress! I might have to remind you again that you have to find your prom dress from NOW before you run out of time. Based on my experience, I was having trouble back then of finding the dream dress for my prom night and i was run out of time! The time is just not enough; I have to study for exams so i can’t concentrate well on find the perfect dress. Once i finished my exam, I was trying hard to find the perfect prom dress and it’s not easy to find the fitted prom dress, i even have to look for shops for the whole weeks from one store to another store. Not only that, the prices! It was so hard to find pretty dresses with affordable prices. In the end, when i was expecting to become the prom queen. I lost. That explained everything.

But look at now? We have Milly Bridal , the one and only perfect online shop for you to find your dream prom dress. Not only they provide a variety and fitted prom dresses, but also it is affordable especially for student who have a limited budget. To get a pretty and perfect fitted party dresses and CHEAP PROM DRESSES, it’s no more a big problem! They even offer a special £5 Coupon for first time buyer, and of course not only that but there are hotter offer are waiting for you at the website. Most of you must think that Milly Bridal only sells prom dresses since i keep repeating the word “Prom dresses”, no its not ! They also provide party dresses that suits for cocktail, gown, casual party with affordable prices and gorgeous look! If only i can turn back time, i will go straight order my prom dress from “Milly Bridal” with more than 360 dresses provided! I am 100% sure and confidence that i will become the prom queen. Moreover, to help you guys to get an easier access to the website and convenience way to assist on finding that perfect dresses, Milly Bridal has dividing 4 sections for “Prom Dresses Collection” which are Recommended, Most Popular, New Arrivals and Prices sections.
So what are you waiting for? Time for you to go head to “Milly Bridal” !
Here is the detail of the link:


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Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Brand New Year - 2015

Happy New Year 2015 !!!!
I might be a little too late for greeting new year to everyone, sorry pals! 
To welcome this year i would like to make a list of new resolutions :
- More active in blogging
- Find a job
- But first, hopefully i pass all my last sem subject
- get a new phone (yeah i lost my phone on christmas eve T_T)
- learn how to drive (yeah i am 21 but i cant drive)
- do good 
- be positive
- no more procastinating (err..)
- be more patient
- do lots of saving
- be stylish or (keep) hahahha
- diet / eat clean
- work out
- love my family and boyfie / mi pacal

That's a lot of list, but i got to try hard. I am expecting this year 2015 will be a good year for me since last two years its quite hard for me to go through it. What surprising me is i lost my phone in last 6 days of 2014 ! GO TO HELL THOSE THIEF!!! I GUARANTEE YOU WILL HAVE A BAD LUCK !! :(
wtf i just repair my phone like last 2 weeks before it was gone, tough day tough month tough year.
So I am hoping this year may be my chance, my luck and everything !
And btw I am already back at my hometown and will be staying here "M e d a n" and finding a job here, and will be graduate on this may 2015 ! Leaving Malaysia is quite sad for me, since i separate with my housemate (best friend), my room, spotify ! high speed internet ( internet at hometown is super lame and sucks! ), my fav noodle shop and my freedom lol (isn't it obvious). I am going to face the real world for REALLLL no more playing :( and actually i am quite lost of what i really wanna do for now and next chapter of my life. Should i keep working till i old? Should i take some courses? Should i take master? but for now yeah focus on getting a job and i am super nervous of how is working life will it be the same as i did my internship last year kind of vibe, the competition and the two face errr. Guess i am over thinking, yes i always did over think. One thing will be the same is i am gonna keep doing an outfit post whether in instagram or blog. Let's make a wish for all of us ! Hopefully this year will bring more luck, fortune and success for everyone of us and WELCOME 2015 !

Last few days, i do a photo shoot of wearing my new boots from er.ers (online shop) ! Thank you for sending me this pair of cozy boots. So i asked my cute cousins to help me up with this shoot at one of my cousin house. My cousins house is one of the extraordinary house at my hometown ! The american vibes is everywhere, so it is perfect to take a shoot for my outfit of the day / shoot ! guess i will be doing more photo shoot here. 
My themes for this look is quite simple, i just wanna have a casual but chic look with monochrome vibes and a bit boyish with the crop top t-shirt that written f*** fake friends ( which is true lol and there is a reason i buy this shirt HAHA) and combine with boots ! aww i am boots lover !

Here's my cozy boots from er.ers ! Thanks again ! Go check them out ! They provide many customize shoes from boots to sandal and even the j.campbell look alike ! here is their instagram link:

What I am wearing:
Hat - HnM// Top - B.Times square// Pencil skirt - F21 //  Bag - Zara // Shoes - er.ers

p.s: The hat is from my boyfriend ! is a Christmas gift ;)
My cute cousin ! Zoey ! Isn't she pretty?
My niece ( Abby ) on the left side and both of my right side my handsome cousin jori and josh !
Thanks for reading and drop by ! Have a nice day everyone !
x o x o
Veronyca Sufry