Saturday, October 3, 2009

MusT haVe iTem!!!!

I tHink This miLitAry jAcket bEcoMe moRe poPular anD bEcome mUst hAve iTem~

My LifE*

This is rEaL This iS mE♫♪•♫♪

My naMe iS vEroNycA...I am 16 yEarS oLd...I Live iN mEdaN(T-T Boring mode:on).
I thinK I am just an oRdiNary giRL...and I reaLLy Like tO PLay Game,FB,Twitter,Badminton,Read MagaZine,sWimmiNg,and a Lot~
I forget 2 oR I luPh tO waTch mOviE..n kOrean DRama MoviE...(BOF/BBF n My Fair LadY)

I lOvE♥♥♥♥♥mUsic!!!

My Fav AcToR iS:

-Kim sAng Bum*(From BBF koRean dRamA)

-cHace cRawfoRd*FrOm Gossip GirL)

-DaniEL rAdcLiffE*(From HarrY pOttEr)

-Ed wEsTwick*(From GossiP GirL)

-RoB pAttiNson*(u knOw)

-TayLor LautnEr*(Twi......LigHt sAga)

-Matt dAMon*(The bOurNe..bla..bla...bla)

-Zac effron*

I Fashion too.....

I MiLey cYrus sTyLe

I agness Deyn

XX•-GossiP GirL


I have 1 oLder Brother n 1 oLder SisTer...

My BesTfRienD List:



-StePhaniE(sTep oR dOra)

-CleMenTinE(wanCin) The left one y...

My bEst cOusin:

-Bestriya soh

he is so CuTe !!!!!

-BeswiRa sOh

-BesgEndRa sOh

-ZoEy M





n so many more~

n I tHinK 3B(wiGenBey) iS tHe bEst~




thAt's aLL abOut mE...n My Life....