Sunday, April 15, 2012

Navy Blue

Posting some outfit with the color of navy blue and a bit contrast blue ..
i got the sweater for quite a cheap price and i don't have any idea how to match it ..
so last saturday when i'm a bit stressed out because of ASSignment & relationship , it turns out to be like this ..
find the way to leggo my stress
*ultimate facepalm*
my bedroom is the only place that know how my hearts feel, the place where i cries where i suffer where i survive ( LOL ) sorry a bit feeling blue this few days :)

using blog as diaries is also the way to express feeling, some people say it immature but i think everyone have their own way to express it maybe it's immature but it makes me feel better :)

"No one know about yourself or what you think , the one know yourself is YOU / Myself"
"Don't expect top much if the end you are the one that will get hurt".

so here it is , the color of blue represent the hearts - mind - soul when i'm feeling so blue ~
it's quick post :)

p.s : If u like to follow me,I will follow back as soon as i am online and thank you for following and thank you for reading this immature stuff that i did :)


  1. Cute top

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  3. Hi!! :)
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