Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sponsored : UU Hair Extensions

Today’s post will be a bit different than what I always post as it will be focusing on hair as women’s pride and crown. Of course you guys know that daring ourselves to make significant changes to our hair is not EASY! Especially when we decide to do short hair. IT TAKES MORE THAN 24HRS and COUPLE FRIENDS TO DISCUSS! . Like choosing PEANUT BUTTER or CHOCOLATE SPRINKLE to my TOAST! Hey, WORRY NO MORE now! J

Techs are improving and the biggest-most important invention for woman out there, HAIR EXTENSION. Specifically the one with clip in hair extensions to ease our lives, LADIES! And recently I discover a trusted online shop for hair extension: UU HAIR EXTENSIONS. (Click to go to the website )

IT IS NOT ORDINARY AND MAINSTREAM; they sell various hair extensions, hair weave, virgin hair, bonded hair, micro loop, tape hair, wigs, and closure with high quality and low price / reasonable price across the world. All of their hair extension is using 100% virgin Brazilian and Indian Remy human hair, NO SYNTHETIC GUARANTEED. You don’t need to worry; they offer wide range of colors and hair length that will suit your hair demands. I will share some of my favorite hair extension and hair weave that suits my hair colors and length since my hair color is dark brown so I just need to find a dark brown hair extension if I wanted my hair to look longer and thicker.

Above is the 16 inch clip in hair extensions with dark brown colors and the 16 inch hair weave with medium brown colors that both suit me. So worry no more of having a short hair. GO FOR IT,LADIES!  YOU CHOOSE YOUR HAIRSTYLES, THEY PROVIDE WHAT’S BEST FOR IT. If you are curious on how to apply for hair extension, you can check out the user friendly UU HAIR EXTENSION website.


Veronyca Sufry

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Teen Spirit

Just a short story about this post, cause it's an outfit post (yayy*drumrolls*) like finally.. i got a chance to do a photo shoot (Thanks to my boyfriend). Fashion is about creativity, passion, exploring and it doesn't determine based on your age, so wear whatever you want and be who you are. As for me, i do a style a bit more teenage but who care? fashion is about exploring just like a scientist doing a research and finding a cure. This outfit post for me its more to 80s or 90s actually if i pair it with more vibrant color of jacket or oversize jacket. This outfit is inspired from American apparel style and from clueless (movie) / you can try and check out Fancy - Iggy azalea Music Video. Anyway, I am so happy to announce that i am officially graduated from Taylor's Business School with Bachelor of International Business and Marketing (Hons) and i will shared one of my once in a lifetime moment with the world as this blog is my online living diary, i have shared several moments from my high school life till now. And, I will be happy if one day and i have to look back at all the moment i have shared in this blog. Quote of the day," You only live once, don't waste your time and live your life the fullest!"

Here it is my outfit post, and don't forget to rate and leave a comment below !

Let's pose after a long time ....

The prettiest women in the world is the one who shared their smiles to the world

My private photographer, boyfriend, best friend and chef :)

"What i am wearing?"

Jeans Jacket - MONKI ( A birthday gift from my best frenemies ) // Top - Uniqlo ( My couple shirt from boyfriend ) // American Apparel look a like Skirt - Kel&Tai Warehouse ( Online shop in instagram, please do check them out just click on it ) // Bag - Kate Spade // Socks - GAP // Shoes - Nike Airmax Essential 1 ( Birthday gift from my boyfriend ) // Shades - Ellin ( Shop in Malaysia )

Veronyca Sufry