Sunday, August 7, 2011

me , me and me .

Today , i just like to shown some of my picture :P
i'm taking picture using my laptop webcam , hohohoho
just wanna have fun :O
Rate it guys ! hahahah
thank you !

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Life in August

yeayy, it's august !
happy august guys !
now , i'm moving to malaysia and try to have a good life here , try to makes this LDR (long distance relationship) works where my boys stays in my hometown and i'm study hard here at KL . Sometimes i feel so lonely here , where i don't have any family member here , but i feel so lucky i've some goods friend that i called as my sister , where they help me to get adapted in here . I feel so thankful to them , thank you sis :)
as time passes , i've been here for 2 weeks and try to survive in here .
where i've to go to school by bus every sunday to friday .
foods in malaysia quite expensive for me , not like my hometown .
hahaha but it still quite nice here even medan is more delicious :P
that's it for today blogger :)
thanks for checking my blog , i'm really appreciate it !