Sunday, March 6, 2016


Good day readers !

Tonight post a bit more related to my current random thought. I don't know if its only me or other will felt it too, as we get older we tend to have more random thoughts, from good to worst. I feel like in our current 20th year, we are being pushed to change become mature / be like adult even in our own self - we did not feel like to. I used to think that, we will eventually change when we reach 20th and working but unfortunately i don't feel it at all. Every year i think i put my new year resolution "to be more mature" , I bet when i work longer in the office, meet / know more adult, overcome problems - it should be ok, i will changed. Even i don't feel like it, I should say in my current age of 22 (twenty-two) - I am agree that " Growing up is a trap ". Sorry for my UN-motivational thoughts. Blogging always ease my mind, i feel like this is my life diary or at some point i will look back at my blog ( When I am old ) without any regret of posting all of these from crappy to maybe will soon be motivational post *hahahaha*

Just wondering have you ever feel the same with me?

Today outfit of the day / fashion post of the day theme will be a little bit sweater weather, stranded in a court just like a lost kids. I am having my photoblog session with my best friend ( Venny & Stephanie ) since one of them are going to make a blog too ! yeyy me ! finally i got a friend for blogging, and do a photo shoot together since my hometown (Medan) rarely have any blogger meeting/gathering ( i wish there were one ! ).

My theme will be more fall fashion rather than spring, cause i was obsessing over knit and i am doing an article about KNIT fashion ( click here to view my article )
and i think i was obsessing over korean fashion too, well my glasses explain it. Thus, this look are totally the combination of minimalism - preppy - korean style !

Here it is :
Credit goes to my awesome best friends ( Stephanie & Venny )

Having an edgy moments with B&W filter

Guide to be preppy !

Behind the scene !

Another B&W moments that i loveeeeee !


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What do you think of my ootd? let me know your opinion and i really love if i can get in touch / be friends with bloggers around the world :) !

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