Friday, April 20, 2012

Love Rain

Today, I am going to post about an outfit that inspired by korean drama series called
"Love Rain // sarangbi //사랑비 "
it's still on air in kbs2 / korea tv channel every monday & tuesday
i watch it online every week in some free websites XD
it's quite a nice stories about love and there is one quote that i really like from this drama,
" Love never say sorry "
but you know it is just a quote XP , sometimes i get angry when my boyfriend didn;t say sorry because of what he did to me ..
like insulting me zzzzz - i think every girl have suffered this kind of problem when in relationship , it's the first time for me so this is kind of new thing for me TEEHEE :D

now lets go to the point :
so today i will post my outfit , vintage style :D
but i don't wear any shoes because i shot this alone by myself and it's on my bedroom..
like i said before ..
BEDROOM is everything for every colleague in this world that study abroad :)

arghh i miss my hometown, my family, my bed , my dog , my friends and my biu <3

but good news \m/
my biu is going to study at malaysia also , so i can met him easily even my place to his place is quite far which take about 45-60 minute (if it's not jam)

btw back to topic ..
this is it vintage theme inspired by love rain with some touch of nerd :)
self photograph & theme :P

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lots of love <3
thank you to picnik also for helping me edit a lot of picture of me :) "bye picnik !"

what i wore :
cardigan by mango
mini vintage dress shop at china
nerd glasses shop at sunway pyramid ( malaysia )

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Navy Blue

Posting some outfit with the color of navy blue and a bit contrast blue ..
i got the sweater for quite a cheap price and i don't have any idea how to match it ..
so last saturday when i'm a bit stressed out because of ASSignment & relationship , it turns out to be like this ..
find the way to leggo my stress
*ultimate facepalm*
my bedroom is the only place that know how my hearts feel, the place where i cries where i suffer where i survive ( LOL ) sorry a bit feeling blue this few days :)

using blog as diaries is also the way to express feeling, some people say it immature but i think everyone have their own way to express it maybe it's immature but it makes me feel better :)

"No one know about yourself or what you think , the one know yourself is YOU / Myself"
"Don't expect top much if the end you are the one that will get hurt".

so here it is , the color of blue represent the hearts - mind - soul when i'm feeling so blue ~
it's quick post :)

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Street Style

Hey bloggers , long time no post :)
now i'm back ;) & now i'm also back as a college student AGAIN in my sem 2 ...
long holiday just makes me more lazy and lack in my study , sem 2 is really a bad start for me .. in just 2 weeks after the new sem start .. ASSignment is posted in ours student portal include with the DUE time :(((
sorry for not post in a long time and sorry for those already follow me ( i'll follow back too )& sorry for waiting too long , I WILL FOLLOW BACK EVERY FOLLOWERS ;) WHEN I'M ONLINE :D

so tonight i'm going to post my picture which is taken on last march in my home town "medan-kesawan square" & currently i'm so interested in photography stuff , and i really like to think about having a theme for a photoshoot ...
tonight picture is all about "STREET STYLE"
this theme is inspired by "BIGBANG MUSIC VIDEO - BLUE"
they wearing a very unique jcket and stuff <333333
omg i really love it <3333
and sneakers <333

hope you enjoy ;)

what do you think ? feel free to comment :)

what i wore :
- baseball shirt shop at sungei wang
- tank top - H&M
- Denim - gaudi
- sneakers - converse
- retro sun glasses borrow from my dearest friends " NOVIA WONGSO "