Friday, July 10, 2020

Quarantine with Quality

Hi everyone,

I am back to do some posting on 2020, wow like finally I am back into my blog.
I know it's been some time, I have been busy with my job for the past 2 years and I really can't wait to share update on my life. So many things has changed for the past years, not just my job but my personality.

I think I am doing a great job for everything that has changed and the decision that I made in my life with no regrets. To be honest, I just celebrated my twenty seven years old birthday in quarantine alone in Jakarta (not my hometown).

Brief update, I have been moving to Jakarta for almost one year ! I have been traveling non stop last year in 2019 and since covid 19 is here, everything just stopped. 2019 was a hectic year for me and it game changer for me as well. I have learned that I have so many things to do and achieve, to be independent. Finding out about myself, what I want, who do I live for? for myself or for people?
And I realize I have been so coward of never able to take the decision of what I wanna do and become in my life. What I want to achieved.
So yes, I move out from my hometown and chase what I want before I regret the things that I will never able to do in my life (stuck at hometown and never move from my comfort zone). One of my dream is I get to travel around the world, explore new places with the help of my job.
Even right now, I am not able to be a travel blogger / fashion blogger that work in a fast paced from one fashion week to another fashion week or earn money from blogging/vlogging. I am grateful enough that my previous and current job has brought me to new places (travel). I have been travelled to Yangon (Myanmar), Lampung, Semarang, Surabaya, Kendari, Banyuwangi and Bali.

I would like to share maybe some shot I had about the beautiful places I have ever been and include the good food, in a series of post? maybe in my blog, while quarantine with quality ! I have to be productive right? COVID 19 has brought some time for us to reflect and do what we might never know that we like it or we are capable of. Some of us become a home chef, a baker, a painter, learn new languages, gamers, cleaners , decorating, more blogging and many more.

I acknowledge that I have become someone that love working out, cooking, cleaning my space (this one I am still struggle), which I never expected that I am gonna be able to complete a one month work out set from Chloe ting and learn cooking from youtube HA-HA !
It's like this quarantine time has pushed us that we are capable of doing anything by ourselves. Being independent and rely on yourself, that is what quarantine has taught me. While doing work from home !
But one more impact that I have not mention that quarantine has brought me into more online shopping. Not just online grocery shopping but to some unecessary stuff such as more clothing, props for photos, skincare, decorating stuff (frame), kitchen tools, furniture and many more. I hope I am not alone feeling like this, finger crossed!

Anyway, Just to liven up the mood for this post - I might share some of my productive activity while in quarantine. Which is *drum-roll* .... self potrait with my own crafts decoration on my small room in J-town. Well I hope I can do more self portrait or even blogging as well, I will put it on my list to-do for the weekend.

Promise me, don't judge me when I am with my camera.
All the props big shout out to my friends.
Lipstick: I am wearing the one that Nathania gave me for my bday present.
Backdrop: From my two Xiao mei mei (Rachelle & Fony) My bday present as well.
Tripod: From Jessy with special request HAHA - My bday present as well.
Ring light: From Tirza - my beloved mei mei for my bday present as well (short story idk who is this gift from at first and I was confuse HAHA - it is a surprise).

I felt thankful and grateful for this year birthday that I got so many gift from my close friends and how they shared their time to call me and gave me cake. I guess my bday doesn't feel that lonely as long as I have them ! The cakes, The gift, The foods - yes spell it right food (I got free breakfast, dinner, frozen food and drink). You know who you are ... I can't spell one by one but I am really grateful despite of the pandemic. You guys still brighten up my birthday and I wish this pandemic gonna be over soon, so we can celebrate and have a drink together.

p.s: Sweater is just a perfect wardrobe to wear especially during quarantine!

More selfie, okay?

Initial post for vogue magazine but decide to not include the vogue cause its too plain.

See the magic on the photo editing apps - which I am so amaze with the result.
The apps called: Avatan
I don't even have a windows in my room, but this apps work a good job.
Check my before and after photos below.


My very own crafty backdrop

remember, love yourself and put yourself first !

Sweater: @ShopAtVelvet

Biker Short : @KurveOfficial

Bag & Shades: Shopee

Cheers and Stay safe everyone !
Veronyca Sufry

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Self love.

Everyone have the goodness and badness inside our soul. Nobody is truly 100% good and vice versa. So how did we sometime express our emotion when we felt so much negativity? of course our bad attitude that we hide inside our soul (no matter how innocent and kind you are) - it will crawl out from your soul and express it. And that is what we call "mad".

Why do I bring out this topic on my blog? not that I should have talk more about fashion. But I like to getting more personal, when posting something on my blog. About how I felt these days, weeks, months and years. Somehow I like to write a story about myself and what I am going through to relieve and satisfy myself.

Back to the topic "Expression". When you are mad, how do you hold it up so far? are u the type of person who like to keep it to yourself, getting away, getting alone, express to the person or directly express how you felt - confront? or you will get mad and then forget it or even you will remember it for the rest of your life? For myself, I like to be alone for a while and then i will confront it later on. Because when we are mad, we can't control what is on our mind and what is right or wrong. And you will just blame it into one thing, or this selfish emotion came out from our soul and we will think that we are always right. Even though I do try to control to be alone, sometimes I am uncontrollable and speak whats on my mind right or wrong which ended up hurting people feeling. So yes, I still have lots of rooms for improvement.

Expressing my thought on the blog help ease my mind of holding up everything. The feeling of Disappointment and getting mad at ourselves or even the feeling of powerless can happen anytime at your lowest point of life. Now i do feel that i am reaching to the age of mid quarter life crisis, when we are forced to choose our path and decide what we are going to do for our career. And mostly we are pushed to grown up and learn that not everything can go smoothly as planned. Cause we may stumble upon rocks, we are tested - are we capable of going through this rocky road, are we ready to let go something that you treasure, do we have the hearts to do it all? can we really control our emotion of how the image of Adult should be?

But back to my point, there is nobody perfect -
And what we can do is learning and growing, to become a better person than we used to be.
Take it slowly, don't push yourself so hard and end it up hating yourself instead of self love.
Aren't we human? Aren't we allow to make mistake? Aren't we allow to learn?

This post should be a self reminder that we shouldn't let we hate ourselves for being in a way that we shouldn't be. but as a reminder that we promise to grow and learn during this hardship process that we are going through (close your ears from people around you that share lots of negativity about you) and focus on loving yourself - seeing the positivity.

All pictures are taken by Cinthy kwok (click on the link)

What i wore?
Dress: Editors market
Outer: Shop at velvet
Heels: Editors market
Beret: F21
Bag: Topshop

Thank you for listening to all my chit chat and visiting my blog.
Till next time !

Veronyca Sufry

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Indecisive thought

It's never to late to greet happy new year 2018, right? even I am 5 months late for updating my blog.
This time I won't list down any resolution but I will push myself towards the better me instead of getting skinny. I do blogging when I feel like I want to share some of my deep feeling through words, not just for review or showing how passionate I am with fashion. And now it is a perfect time for me to share some of my deep thought during the last few months.

One month from now, I will be twenty five years old - and to be honest, I am still lost in this complicated mind. What do I want? Who I want to be? What can I do? Am I in the right path? Is this what I want? The future seems scary but what should I do? Am I ready for this?. Growing old doesn't mean I know what I want to be.. And taking a leap seems scary even people often say.. it is your time to not be in the comfort zone. Time doesn't repeat, you can't go back to the past. The only thing I am sure about is, I have to travel & save up & do my bucket list (watching concert). I know I am not that typical 25, that you expect that I am the adult and I know much more than the kids just like what I imagine when I am still a kid/teenager. But it is proven that I am very wrong..

Another things that bother me is people perspective of judging. It's kinda hard for me to accept, if what people thought of me is wrong. I know it very well again now, wherever you go - we will always be judge even what we do is right. There is no right or wrong. People judge. Come on Veronyca you can do it, let it be and only you who know it is right and try to take it positively instead sucking myself to negativity.

Hairstyle, I cut my hair shorter and loving it. Still into grey and purple but I figure it is better to save my Money for something more useful and I am kinda like my current hair too. As dualipa style is my inspiration aww and I'm liking her hairstyle and fashion and music.

I am struggling with beauty product, really its hard for me to find a proper skin care that will suit my skin. removing blemish and acne scar, oh my god. I have committed and my a promise to myself, if I ever find a skincare that can make my face back to normal - I am gonna keep promoting it and do my very honest review. My skin type is combination, more to oily. And the ordinary is not suitable for me.. which is sad and it makes my skin breakout.

Early marriage is not my thing. I won't settle till I get what I want and be successful (more money). I will never be a housewife - I just can't .. unless I am marrying a prince lol. Cause having you own money is better, you save and you spend on what you want, instead of asking your husband to pay for everything you want (it's not good). I am learning a lot from my boyfriend of who taught me how to be independent women and a women with career & goal.

Fashion, some people think I am weird in my choice of outfit but I am not. The only thing that keep me lively in this city and working is my passion in fashion and photography. I am more active in my Instagram, and it is wonderful how this passion lead me to know more about people who share the same passion as me and the way we wore and style our fashion is just free. I get to know wonderful people and learning more about people with no age limit. And getting older will not stop me for exploring and styling my kind of own fashion - I will keep sharing my passion and yes I am working on my youtube video very soon (my first lookbook video) with the help of my friend Cinthy Kwok. Yuhuuuu.. ok I will I will let you guys know once its up !

People, I am still grateful of all the people around me and still stay with me through up and down of my twenties. And personally, I never forget the people (my close friend) that who makes me feel free and how to be my real self even in my worst mood or happy. You guys are the best, in your twenties - it is really hard to find a true friend. And I am grateful I have them.

Me and Jessy Xu

Crossing the road, ok I am afraid of crossing the road alone. Before reaching 25, I will share my current lookbook ootd shot with my talented friend Bryan Jonathan ! And THANKS to him, I got to try something new like our current shot with the background of our hometown "Medan". People who look at us will think.. we are crazy. Are they not afraid of getting rob? and if we actually take care of our hometown, everything is not scary as it seems and our crime rates will not as high as now. Walking the streets in our hometown even scare us, and all of us prefer using grab/taxi to anywhere instead of walking down the pedestrian path. If you look at around, some corner of our city is not that slack and here is the shot that I get with the background of our city "Medan". (fyi: it is so hard to get a shot in the zebra cross, red traffic light - these people don't care and just go straight pass the traffic.."speechless"). ok, here it is:

What I wear
Top: Monki
Skirt: Pomelo Fashion
Bag: Pomelo Fashion
Blazer: KelnTai
Shoes: Vans

All photos credit to my talented friend Joe >>> follow him on instagram@joeytanjaya  ! (Yes, for business inquiries, you can dm him directly). Thank you for creative ideas and taking the best ootd shot !

Till next time ! Perhaps some travel post? will see.. (off to my hectic job again).
Veronyca Sufry

Monday, November 6, 2017

Beauty Review: Cleansed by Nivea

Hi readers,

This time, I will talk about my latest review on one of the affordable but yet super good (include in my one of the best make up remover list) which is “Nivea”. Well you must knew this brand really well as your daily body lotion of your choices. However, there is actually other product from them that really impressed me. They just launch their face cleanser set, and not gonna lie it suits for sensitive skin like me. I am going to show the hampers I received:

Let me introduce you some of the set I received:

Refer to each arrangement of the product from left to right and below which is 1- 6.

Let me start introducing NIVEA newest product ! Their duo cleansing weapons Makeup Clear Micellar Water & Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover.

I always try to avoid a cleanser with oil based, because I have a quite oily skin and sensitive. I have those blemish that quite producing an oily face of mine, so I am trying to avoid any cleanser with oily based. However, Double effect eye make up remover suits my sensitive skin in the eye area and really cleansed in just one swipe. I will show you the result ! Moreover, most of the eye makeup remover I ever try with the same price range of Nivea one, I try to compare it but Nivea quality is unbeatable. My mascara is easily remove and doesn't left black shadow stain in the eye area. So yeah, I am very satisfied with the result NIVEA !!! totally above my expectation.

Moving on to another highlight of NIVEA newest product, MICELLAR WATER. With this huge bottle and the price and the quality, I think I will stay with it. What I like of this product is that it easily clean my makeup so usually I am using bb cream, concealer, blush, highlighter(lots-lots), lipstick, contour and bronze. I need to swipe my face with cotton more than 2 times using this product. It doesn't mean a bad quality - its quite impossible for make up remover to be able to clean clearly in one swipe ( I don't believe it and so did you, right? ). Oh yeah and this makeup remover is not oil based! What I think they should improve is that their formula of moisturizing skin.

Well for the foam cleanser, i am not too favor of it because its kinda dry for my sensitive skin. the formula is a lil bit too strong for my sensitive face with blemish area. But yes it is really clean indeed, but it doesn't suit me cause its too dry. The moisturizing day serum is quite helpful, it actually help brighten up my skin because my face is become quite dull because of all the make up and this serum just like vitamin that boost up my skin before wearing heavy makeup.

Lotion, of course I don't need to review it right? everyone knew that their lotion is one of the best local brand. And no doubt, for sure it suits to everyone skin. And boost your skin, because yes we really need to put some lotion as we are living in the world that the weather is unexpected and since the global warming - the sun rays and heat really can damaged our skin. Thus, we need to protect our body skin with body lotion and of sunblock.

Let's move on and see the result:
So here still with makeup, before cleansing it with NIVEA Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover.

After, you see my eyeshadow, mascara and eyebrow (left eyes) result after clean using NIVEA Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover. As below result:

Then, moving on to:

So I cleaned my face using NIVEA Micellar Water - yes perfectly clean and now you see my red blemish scar and no makeup face. (excuse my round face)

To conclude,their NVEA Micellar Cleansing Water & NIVEA Double Effect Makeup Remover is totally recommended and worth the money. Affordable yet the quality is reach above my expectations  - 7/10. Not to forget their NIVEA Moisturizing Day Serum also recommended, it really help to reduce dull face that cause by acne scar and excessive oil ! For the lip butter, I haven't try it so I cannot give my review and opinion of it for now.

Thank you to MedanBeautyGram Community for sending this hampers ! NIVEA is amazingly exceeding my expectation.
For more information about Nivea
Web                 :
Instagram        : @NIVEA_ID
Facebook        : @Niveaid
Twitter            : @Nivea_id
Youtube          : Nivea Indonesia

Till next post guys !
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