Monday, January 7, 2013

Dark Side

"Everybody's got a dark side
Do you love me?
Can you love mine?
Nobody's a picture perfect
But we're worth it
You know that we're worth it
Will you love me?
Even with my dark side?"

"Dark side - Kelly Clarkson" 

How was your day readers? How was your 2013 started on? I have a story to tell, although i know someone is wrong but is still hoping the person will changed, approaching to the people saying what can be said and swears gonna be not the same people as the past.
"A new year A new page of life A new resolution A changes"

Let the past goes as the time flow and keep looking forward. I know everyone has a different personality, attitude and lifestyle. Not everyone can forgiving someone easily but as time gone by, it can changes. Angry, Hated, Emotion are just temporary. if that person doesn't change, then let it be and don't make yourself worst. Keep believing the person will change :)

Hoping this year, is a good year to change and a new life !

As always.. a new post mean a new outfit post :
My outfit is related on my blog title as Dark Side, with Black as theme colors and pretty rock and roll :P , i always wanted to buy tutu skirt and pair it with boots and tadaaaa finally !

All pics credit to my dear housemate Melissa for taking my pictures <3 b="b">


just me



just me

what do you think?


rocks and rolls

just me being so boring until i try to learn and editing pics

 Thank you for reading and visiting my blog !!!!!

what i wore :
Spike hairband - Ellie // Bracelet - F21 and Miss T // Tank top - H&M // Tutu skirt - H&M // Boots - H&M

veronyca sufry

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Recommended & Award

HOLA bloggers !
Finally, I am free from my EXAM !
and soon i'm going back to my hometown and eat a lot !
watch movie, hang out and shopping !!!

Talking about shopping, i found a fashion online store called "CLOTHING LOVES" This store is a dropship from china with a high quality product, free shipping service and of course STYLE !
They always have a brand new stuff, style and never get stop loving their product !
I was in love with the dress, especially with the white chiffon dress ! i found a lot of type of chiffon dress in here and it's so pretty !
Moreover, this store also sell a wholesale jewelry !
Don't Forget check their website :D
15% OFF FIRST ORDER ! Don't miss the chance ;)

"Girls never get enough !"
but ...
Blair Waldorf

Blair waldorf is my fashion inspiration, Imma big fans of Gossip Girl !

I just got nominated for LIEBSTER AWARD


what is a liebster award?? + award rules
Bloggers award other up and coming bloggers (with less than 200 followers) with the award. If you receive the liebster, you must: tell 11 things about yourself. Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger asked you. Nominate 11 new bloggers. Make sure you notify the blogs you nominate. 
11 FACTS :
- I don't eat vegetable
- I don't like nail polish 
- I don't do earring
- I'm shopaholic
- I love noodle ( Ramen - Lamien - Udon ) anykind of noodle !
- I'm a shy person ( maybe? >.<" )
- I always do my assignment and study for exam at LAST MINUTE ( result : sleepless )
- I'm addicted  to spike stuff !
- I don't like japanese food - SUSHI( except : udon & curry rice )
- I love gossiping
- I love justin bieber
1. What motivates you to do blogging?
 popular fashion blogger :)
2.  Where are you from?
 Medan - Indonesia

3. How do you describe your personal style?
My style kinda mix, so what i wear is all depend on my mood but in these day i'm kinda into rock style with stud, spike, black and boots. I also like " Blair Waldorf " Style ;)
4. Where do you usually go for shopping?
Because i'm currently study at malaysia so i usually shopping in Sunway pyramid, pavillion, lot 10 and sungei wang but sometimes i buy online like ; CLOTHINGLOVES and Asos , etc...
5. What color that describe your personality? why?
Idk maybe purple coz i like shopping and my stle in the middle of boyish and feminine 
6. Who's your favorite designers?
 alexander wang

7.  What is your life quote?
"Nothing is impossible" - This quote always help me when i feel like i wanna give up, but i don't.
8. Favorite movie at the moment?
currently wreck it ralph and les miserables

9. What are your hobbies?
Window shopping , shopping, blogging, posing (camwhore-ing), gokart, swim, rollerskate, iceskating and lasertag :D ( kinda lots )
10. What's your favorite makeup items?
 lip gloss and blush on
11. What or who influence your personal look/style?  
GOSSIP GIRL, i love all GOSSIP GIRL CAST style !
Second, SERENA
Third, Jenny Humprey    
Questions for my nominees:
1. Who is your favorite bloggers?
2. Where are you from?
3. What is your fav moment in your life?
4. What do your think about yourself?
5. Who is your favorite actor/actress?
6. Who's the person inspired you the most?
7. What do you think about haters?
 8. Fav designer?
 9. Describe your style?
10. What's the first thing that you put in your bag?
11. What is your currently favorite outfit ?

veronyca sufry

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year 2013 !!!!!!!

New year resolution :
- Be mature
- Be un-procrastinate
- Be confident
- Save money
- Pass exam

so last night, i spend my new years eve with my friend " Rina - The kitty cat lover " lol
we're going to KL pavillion & lot 10 to celebrate new years eve !
- Having dinner at BULGOGI BROTHERS
- LOT 10 ( for H&M )
- Pavillion - Dome cafe
- Countdown
- Waiting for cab at some cafe

Thank you for all the bless in 2012 :)
i feel bless in 2012, such as :
-I met my idol " JUSTIN BIEBER " & touch his hand & watch him live in concert in the front row ( makes me cry TT__TT ) !!!!!!!
- other korean singer "jay park & kara"
- I went to USA for 2 weeks holiday & met my sister-brother ( spending my holiday with them after more than 4 years we didn't met :( all memories that we spend is just so fast )
- Attend my cousin wedding in USA :)
- i got my Dslr camera
- lots of memory and lesson i learn
- pass exam
- learn more abt friendship and relationship

so HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone... and Happy Continue Exam for me :(
struggle until 5th January, wish me luck !
chao ~ ~ ~

HNY 2013