Wednesday, March 27, 2013


i can see myself getting fatter in hometown.
few days to go, back in UNI life that stressful assignment and test " I'm coming ! "
i don't know i should happy or not, since there are pro and cons of going back to Malaysia.

pro :
- meet my friends
- independent ( no one control me )
- shop ( if got money , lol )
- experience
- indomie ( instant noodle ) will become my fav food
- Laptop and Handphone is my BESTFRIEND FOREVER
- no one cares when i go back or where i go (independent* )

- hate cleaning anything ( include my rooms ) since my apartment will always be IN A MESS 
- no one cook for me ( should find food for myself )
- no transport
- no family ( alone )
-no one cares ( asking how r u , how is school blablabl )

i only can think of that, for now. 

Beanies - H&M // Top - H&M // Highwaist - H&M // Varsity - ucla // Boots - H&M // Sunnies and Necklace - Forever 21

*excuse my narcism*

I call this Army look since i wore army top and shorts from H&M Army Collection with additional Boots for complete the look. This shoot is taken by my friends WILLY TEODORA ( Thank you ). That varsity jacket is given by my friends, since i really into Street Style nowadays. Thanks to the Kpop things, like BIGBANG , SNSD , 2NE1 making the street style look become a trends.


Nowadays people prefer buy stuff online rather than in the conventional way since the high technology that the worlds provide to us. Beside it’s efficient, you can find stuff with a reasonable price and discount. 

I introduce you one of the trusted website in Indonesia “Dskon” . Dskon provide us with a major deal and discount from various store like zalora, sephora, romwe, auburn and ginger, toms ( local brand or international brand ), you can check yourself by click here . it’s a perfect place to buy and bargain. 

Dskon also share tips & trick about fashion ! Don’t forget to check their blog post, they always share an interesting post about fashion like trends and featuring blogger. This is one of the post that i like, and i would like to share it with you guys click Blog. Tips & Trick : How to wear pencil skirts.

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veronyca sufry

Monday, March 18, 2013


Hi peeps ! How’s your weekend? Mine is okay with finally i can buy some stuff that i needed before go back to uni’s life. Since, it’s kinda hard for me and my mom chillin together to find some stuff with some untell reasons. 

Well enough for the chit chat, I wanna introduce you guys with one of the trusted online clothing shopping called “Efoxcity”. This online shop provide us with a trending stuff for anyone of you especially you who graduate high school this year, you guys have to get ready to find a perfect prom dress and of course we all want something pretty and affordable ! don’t worry guys, because Efoxcity has provide  cheap prom dress2013 , just look at these picture :

isn't it gorgeous? i'm totally fall in love with this dress you can get this dress with 55% off ! moreover, this dress inspired by GOSSIP GIRL CAST - Taylor momsen wear this dress on the red carpet. I'm sure you guys will be the prom queen this year !

Not only, prom dress but Efoxcity also sell  cheap fall dresses and other stuff like jewelry ! You guys have to check their websites, i promise you won't regret about it ;)


One of my fav dress i saw on the website :D

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veronyca sufry

Saturday, March 16, 2013

You've got the love

Vero’s here. It’s been two weeks i didn’t update my blog, since i don’t have anyone to help me taking pictures kinda sad. Finally, my dear friend Willy ( Thamciak Po ) helping me taking this pictures ! Life is so far still good but still it doesn’t mean everything is okay, i still have so many unsolved problem and lots ! moreover, last few days i went to doctor to check my face skin then.. she said that i can't wear any makeup or even powder .. like Faceshop thingy... BBcream it's kinda sad coz my pimple will be expose but since she said my pimple can be gone by keep taking care using medicine and i've to avoid a few foods that i cannot eat and not using any powder.
Also, I’m gaining weight , coz i keep eating everything that i can eat since i’m in hometown coz i’m going back to my dear uni life soon in malaysia this end of march so buh-bye MEDAN and see ya MALAYSIA. Be there for 4 months and i need to find part time job, of course study harder no more last minute IF possible -TEEHEE- !!!
Since i finished GOSSIP GIRL ( My fashion inspiration ) i'm kinda miss it and by.. finding all their OST ;)) just like my title.. since the song also related to my feelings hihihii

My outfit is about feminine versus grungy look, for the top is about feminine/ flower and for skirt it desribe a median between feminine and grungy, wedges describes grungy style. What do you think about my outfit? YAY or NAY ? please comment below and i feel sorry for kinda missing in the blog world.


So as you guys can see, i’m wearing a necklace from my first dearly sponsored “Clothing Loves” ! i’ve to told you, i so in love with this necklace, it shows how grungy our looks \m/ this necklace totally rock !! you guys have to put this on must have item ;) !! 
This store is a dropship from china with a high quality product, free shipping service and of course STYLE !
They always have a brand new stuff, style and never get stop loving their product !
I was in love with the dress, especially with the white chiffon dress ! i found a lot of type of chiffon dress in here and it's so pretty !
Moreover, this store also sell a wholesale jewelry !
Don't Forget check their website :D
15% OFF FIRST ORDER ! Don't miss the chance ;)

Sneak peek for the next post ;)

 All pics are taken by my dear friend WILLY TEODORA ,Thank you :*
 Location, home sweet home ~
 Yay or Nay ? for my outfit :)


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