Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hard Rock, Enough?

Back to fashion blogerring ...
after a quite a long time not blogging, just find a time to having a photoshoot in my housemate room ( THANK YOU MELISSA @chen_cia_cia ) xoxo :*

I have a lots of assignment to submit, damn -_- every week i need to submit something. I feel tired with this uni life but still have to fight it. Basically, today i am going to say "congratulation / chulkae" to my dear friend of her new in relationship status ,long last dear !

This week i am having a 1 week holiday, so i spend it with watching gossip girl ( oh my god - i love this series "especially chuck bass" chuck and blair it's a perfect couple ) and of course watching glee and vampire diaries , not forgetting my marketing assignment and my spanish presentation -_-" oh damn is it holiday? NO IS NOT >.<"
knowing my best friend which is at my hometown (medan) arghh they meet up and hang out , so badly i wanna join but i can't :( spending holiday in malaysia-watching-shop"a-bit"- part timing and lastly blogging ...

Today theme is rock and roll which inspired my "the pretty reckless song - make me wanna die" and i am addicted to this song especially when u heard it from the last year victoria secret fashion show! it makes you like a model walking on the stage LOL ,all photo are taken by melissa ( my housemate ) and edited by me :)
Do you think it's rock enough? to roll the day? comment and if you like, we can follow each other :)