Friday, September 13, 2013


whats up bloggers?! it's been a long time, i haven't post any new post since i was very very very *asdgfhjlsjkdbsaj*
Today, I am going to post about "What i wear" on Topshop dress to impress competition !
That day event was about wearing as stylist as you can in Topshop Sunway Pyramid new renovated outlet and then Topshop representative which is Jane Chuck ( One of Malaysia Famous Blogger ) will spot and choose the stylist people around the outlet. if you got chosen, you'll get RM 50 and participated the competition through voting in facebook to get RM 1000 and of course ! my picture will be posted in Topshop malaysia official facebook page :3 and i didn't won it since it can only be vote by people who stay in malaysia and all my indonesia friends can't vote for me -_- but cheers... i still get the RM 50 hihihihi
I am with my friend Rina ( My partner in crime ), both of us get spotted and get RM 50 ! that time i was just finished my final exam so that's why my face look like zombie aka panda ( no sleep / last minute study ).

Nowadays, I'm more active in INSTAGRAM since it's more easy to upload #ootd and easy to share.
thus, you can find me on Instagram @veronycasufry ! I would like to follow my fellow blogger friends :D

so here it is..
sorry for my fatty fatty fatty stomach :/


Rina - Jane Chuck - Me

MIRROR MIRROR - it's a must to take pic !


Selca with my partner in crime

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What i wore :
Cardigan - Armani Exchange (Thanks to Melissa for borrowing me)
Top - F21
Skort - Cajoyness
Heels - F21
Clutch - H&M

Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend, palz ! ;)
I will soon posted about MTV WORLD STAGE MALAYSIA 2013 that i attend last sunday 8th September !!!! Which of course..... there... will... be.... EXO !
yeppp...I'm officially a fans of this korea boy band, stay tuned !