Sunday, December 30, 2012

I am N°5

Hey, Before The year of 2012 end ... I want to post an classy simple outfit which inspired by coco chanel =)
since i was doing chanel as my assignment so i saw a lot of the history of Chanel, to be specialized " Chanel number five ", so 5 was coco chanel favorite number and lucky charm.
Today post outfit maybe look simply, idk if you guys think it looks like chanel ( classy or not ), i just did this for fun and it was a sudden photoshoot outfit ( lol )
i don't put any accessories, but it will be better if i use pearl necklace instead of a silver necklace, and of course a chanel bag :D

so today i watch "les miserables" it's an musical movie but idk why i still liked it and also some parts of the act i laugh ( lol ) it's just funny to heard them dialog by singing !
i got a new celebrity crush on "les miserables" , the one act as maruse " EDDIE REDMAYNE" he may not look that handsome but idk i like looking at his face especially in this movie, + Amanda seyfried is so pretty and talented anne hathaway, hugh jackman and russell crow also kinda funny lol ( the way they dialog by singing to each other ) maybe i am not a really big fans of musical , but the story was great :)

it's times for me be " I am Miserables " since my test is on 2nd January 2013 ( Isn't GREAT?!)
I'll be back to my hometown "MEDAN" in 10 Jan 2013 *can't wait anymore*

hope you guys like it =)
and don't forget leave some comments, follow and i would like if we as "blogger"can be friends :)
I'll try to reply as soon as i finished my exam and follow back.

btw.. counting to new years eve, what would you guys been wearing?
I am still in the half of exam, but i will still celebrate new years ( hopefully ) and wear some nice outfit ;)) 

What do you think?


Thanks for my lovely housemate ( melissa ) for always help me taking pics :*

just a quote



Hat - H&M // Dress - Seed // Stocking - Forever 21 // Heels - Charles & Keith

Thank You For Reading !

Veronyca Sufry


  1. loving the dress and hat!

  2. you look pretty :3 anw good luck on your test and happy new year! xo

  3. lovee your outfit! :D

    just followed you, mind to follow me back ? thanks :D


  4. Great outfit! Love it.
    I'm following you now, kindly follow me back? :)

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  6. you look very classy and lovely with that outfit!<3
    And have a happy new year! May all your wish comes true,xx

  7. such a pretty outfit, I love the purple hat!

  8. lovely pictures of you! I do think the hat was a little distraction! But you still look gorgeous!


  9. love your outfit and the dress pattern :)
    Happy new year !

  10. nice style :)

  11. hi again, dear! I'm following your lovely blog now :)
    hope you can follow back -

  12. I love this! Houndstooth is such an amazing print that can be paired with so many different clothes (;
    Super chic xx
    Follow me? :)