Sunday, June 24, 2012

Formal Day

Sorry for the very lately post..
Assignment is driving me crazy, i've got presentation and assignment to submit next friday.
Moreover the final test is coming in july, i feel so stressed.
Today i am going to post my outfit in last week economy forum that was held in my university, where all group section have to make a poster, ppt slides and video about our lovely macro assignment :/
so every class have their booth to explain about the economic assignment to lecturers, malaysia minister of finance and professor that analyzing about the economic. ( SOUNDS BORING )
everyone have to wear formal dress :)
btw yesterday is birthday, and i'm going to post about it later on in the next post when i have time :)

Some pictures are taken by my lovely mabro agatha carissa and some pictures are credit to jerrico (in caption)

Outfit of the day :
Top - Topshop
Skirt - cotton on
Stocking - Unbranded
Heels - Charles & Keith
Bag - Rabeanco

it's semi formal look, not too formal :)

Credit to jerrico simon

credit to jerrico simon

credit to jerrico simon

 Here are pictures from the economic forum with my friends :

Crazy mabro-mabro taylor's university :)

My lovely friends :)

instead of doing poster, taking picture is much more fun !

The CEO of Picnicafe's ( OB group )

me , vicky, ivone and fiona

Fredy, Fiona , me, shee yee, cicilia, ivone

this what we did in the booth , take pictures ! :P

credit to agatha :D

Agatha vs Me

Agatha - me - jerrico

Fiona and Ivone, the boy behind is billy

Indonesia's friend

The GALAU-ers ( nenek fiona & cicil bocil ) the heels is killing us !!!

Shee yee , Cicilia , Sarah

Agatha & rohaizi

I am with sarah
I am with agatha carissa

My macroeconomic classmate Section 5

Rina and me (badminton partner)

 Sorry for the so so so many pictures, and the last picture is me and rina my badminton partner ( women double ) we just won 2nd rank in bhineka cup 2012 at UCSI on my birthday! I am just turn to 19 and i don't wish to be older :( wanna be forever young LOL
I wanna say thank you to my friend for the birthday greetings and the cake !
I love it so much and i wanna say sorry if i have done something wrong to you guys and my housemate - friends - everyone :(
i regret it, i don't wanna make people angry and i don't mean to..
Sorry :))

by : veronyca sufry's

p.s : thank you for following, i am sure i will follow back as soon as i am online :)


  1. pretty!!
    good luck for your school-thingy
    I'm in a same condition with you now. Full of assignment, rush by presentation deadline and final exam next month -_-" good luck for us then


  2. Nice outfit! I love the colour of your blouse

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  3. love your outfit dear <3 so classy
    wish you tons of luck for the college assignment!

  4. Lovely blouse :)
    Have a great week

  5. i like your top :D
    and HAPY BELATED BIRTHDAY dear ! hehe
    also congrats for finished your assignment :)

    anyway, I have Giveaway event too in my blog!
    MOST people said they are adorable, SO why don't you come and visit to see?
    Don't forget too join :)

  6. Great outfit, the shoes looks amazing.

    You just got a new follower.=)

  7. Wow, you're very beautiful ci I like your hair so much! <3
    btw, actually I've followed you, I'm the 3rd from the left..just put on picture haha

  8. I LOVE your outfit, pale pink looks beautiful on you!
    -Imani Love

  9. lovely outfit and awesome hair!!!

    new photo added to gfc :)

  10. love the top <33

    follow each other?

  11. Happy belated birthday Veronyca! stay awesome <3

    love all of the pictures! the pic of you and your friend, Agatha is so cute. I love your long hair and nice outfit :D good luck for your final test!

    Oh and, yes, you do look like korean :p And, nice to know you too!
    I love reading your blog as well ;) xx

  12. you're pretty to dear:)
    sure we can follow each other;)

  13. thx for the comment dear :)
    yes we can follow each other :D

  14. you're prettier sweety! sure we can be friends <3
    what should I call you? Vero? ;)


  15. it is a nice blog.. your photos are great :D


  16. like your blouse!
    And nice picts :)

  17. Nice blouse!

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  19. lovely pics, lovely you!

    do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)? let me know.
    see you around!

  20. You look great! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know ;)

    Kisses ;*

  21. love the outfits! looks so cute. gorgeous top <33

  22. amazing blog dear, i love it!
    following you btw via bloglovin :)

  23. hello dear!
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  24. great pics!
    loving ur top dear :)

  25. you looks so so cute:) i have to follow you! hihi

    lots of love xx

  26. You are so pretty! Looks like you had a great time, these pictures are so fun! x

  27. i like your top a lot dear! it has a hint of sweetness and vintage chic and you wear it so well!

    xo, Carla

  28. yes, you can call me ivy :D I linked your blog already! can't wait for your next post! hope we can be good friends!

    do you have twitter? <3

  29. Nice outfit dear ! :) I'm following you now ;)

  30. Gorgeous! These are so fun! I like your peach/black blouse! :D

    I am now your newest FOLLOWER via GFC! I hope you can come and let me know what you think of my blog- I am always looking to improve! Hope you can follow me now too (I also have Bloglovin and twitter) ^_^ HUGS from USA!

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  31. Beautiful pictures...
    I will follow your blog....