Friday, April 7, 2017

Airport Situation

Last weekend (31/03/2017), I was flying to Singapore for my perfect sweet escape weekend with my boyfriend and best friend for Coldplay concert. I swore I have the most amazing weekend, Coldplay was magical and I officially checked my bucket list to watch Coldplay LIVE. But before I blog about my Singapore experience which will be in my next blog post, I want to share about my outfit of the day and like finally a fashion post.

I want to keep it stylish but also suitable with Singapore weather. I always wanted to try and play in the layering game even we are stuck in this tropical weather, so the last time I only got to chance for doing layering style when i was in Seattle. But now, I try my best again to finally do the layering style. Layering trend was actually become very popular last year since the Korean fashion trend  do a huge influence on us. That is why you can see some of the online shop selling a one set dress with inner top.

For Airport fashion outfit of the day, I chose to layer my blue shirt with the little black tank dress that I actually purchased for a set with inner and dress. I don't want to style it exactly the same style as it sell, so I always love to play around with the little black tank dress. These seasons, I am really into chocker which previously I dislike it but now I am really into chocker. I can see how a chocker really complete our look, give a different vibes and style. Yes, so I was badly influenced with Korean fashion.

I am trying to be more feminine by pairing my look with lace strap block heels instead of sneakers. I know its a big mistake for wearing heel in Airport but whatever its only an hour journey and I am not going to wear it for the whole day too (Beauty is Pain).

As for my sunnies, finding a perfect sunnies is hard. cause you have to fit the sunnies into your face shape - as for me.. I have a very round face so the perfect sunnies for me will be in rectangular shape. I add a little contour to my face too. And hair to cover my chubby cheek. My sunnies is actually from sunnies studio which I got from Zalora website.

So yeah, without further talks. Here is my airport fashion look. What do you think? Please comment down below.

What I wear ?
Top: Mango
Slip Dress: Little Muses Online Shop
Heels: ZARA
Bag: Kate Spade
Sunnies: Sunnies Studio
Chocker: HNM
Sneakers; Nike Huarache




All pictures are taken by my one and only annoying boyfriend - Adrian.

Instagram: @Veronycasufry

Veronyca Sufry,
Till next post!