Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Perfect Strangers

Hey peeps !

How you guys doin?! Well, I have been trying to live my life to the fullest by spending more time with friends. And well, it turns out quite well ! I never thought a strangers can be your close friends and people who i can be crazy with !!! As most of the fresh graduate like suffering from (graduation-syndrome) *iwannagobacktothosesleeplessnight* *imissmyuniversitylife* *imissmalaysia* *ishouldhavespendmoretimeandyolo* , well ready or not we (include me) have to be realistic and give a farewell to those incredible university life ! This syndrome always come back especially when we are to stressed in the workplace, duh!

And finally after spending more time with friends, meet up with new friends - socializing, its getting easier to escape from that syndrome. And i never know that even in a workplace i can find lots of good friend, and even a best friend in this young adult age of me ! LOL maybe it sounds weird, young adult age of me ....

Well, work life - sometimes it good when everything go smooth and well planned but sometimes it turns meh.. especially in closing week *geez*, and i never expect i have work for 1 and a half year ! turning from junior/freshman into a senior and become a mentor.. ok mentor (funny but its true). Ok so to getaway from my work life, travel still the best remedies for all of us. And last september, I went to USA to visits my sis and brother.. so guess what?! i have a picture to post in blog !! Yayyy..
And i am planning to share it one by one.

First travel diaries ootd will be in seattle ! Cause i love seattle and the sweater weather .. since its autumn over there and its getting colder, so perfect for sweater and boots ! Seattle is a beautiful city, a very peaceful yet sometimes too gloomy for me. And its always raining like everyday..
I still left my heart in Seattle cause the nature..will plan my next visit to Seattle again and stay longer there cause my next checklist is hiking YAY ! Nature is like a perfect strangers for me and so do my friends (you guys know who you are).

For today post, i am gonna share my ootd with actually a men sweater and actually it is from my boyfriend. He got me cause i really love green army and i keep asking him to buy one so i can borrow it from him, but surprisingly he bought me one too ! Planning to wear it with him, when we go to the movies but whatever let me wear it first in USA ! haha.

And my leather jacket is a birthday present from my boyfriend too, i have been wanting to get leather jacket like ever since and finally...drumroll this year i got it ! yayyy !!

 The location of this shoot is somewhere in seattle around granite falls, a lot places for hike and yes its cold and the weather is really funny somehow..it can be rainy and in just 5 mins it can turn sunny. but still I LOVE SEATTLE and the nature. And this river is my sister secret hideaway for picnic-ING in summer (fun fact).

Hat: H&M // Sweater: H&M // Short: Cotton On // Socks & Boots: H&M // Leather jacket: ZARA

Me & My Sis (mom's doppelganger)

My photographer

Anyway its almost the end of 2016, Let's write down your new year resolution very soon !
And Merry Christmas !

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