Monday, November 6, 2017

Beauty Review: Cleansed by Nivea

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This time, I will talk about my latest review on one of the affordable but yet super good (include in my one of the best make up remover list) which is “Nivea”. Well you must knew this brand really well as your daily body lotion of your choices. However, there is actually other product from them that really impressed me. They just launch their face cleanser set, and not gonna lie it suits for sensitive skin like me. I am going to show the hampers I received:

Let me introduce you some of the set I received:

Refer to each arrangement of the product from left to right and below which is 1- 6.

Let me start introducing NIVEA newest product ! Their duo cleansing weapons Makeup Clear Micellar Water & Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover.

I always try to avoid a cleanser with oil based, because I have a quite oily skin and sensitive. I have those blemish that quite producing an oily face of mine, so I am trying to avoid any cleanser with oily based. However, Double effect eye make up remover suits my sensitive skin in the eye area and really cleansed in just one swipe. I will show you the result ! Moreover, most of the eye makeup remover I ever try with the same price range of Nivea one, I try to compare it but Nivea quality is unbeatable. My mascara is easily remove and doesn't left black shadow stain in the eye area. So yeah, I am very satisfied with the result NIVEA !!! totally above my expectation.

Moving on to another highlight of NIVEA newest product, MICELLAR WATER. With this huge bottle and the price and the quality, I think I will stay with it. What I like of this product is that it easily clean my makeup so usually I am using bb cream, concealer, blush, highlighter(lots-lots), lipstick, contour and bronze. I need to swipe my face with cotton more than 2 times using this product. It doesn't mean a bad quality - its quite impossible for make up remover to be able to clean clearly in one swipe ( I don't believe it and so did you, right? ). Oh yeah and this makeup remover is not oil based! What I think they should improve is that their formula of moisturizing skin.

Well for the foam cleanser, i am not too favor of it because its kinda dry for my sensitive skin. the formula is a lil bit too strong for my sensitive face with blemish area. But yes it is really clean indeed, but it doesn't suit me cause its too dry. The moisturizing day serum is quite helpful, it actually help brighten up my skin because my face is become quite dull because of all the make up and this serum just like vitamin that boost up my skin before wearing heavy makeup.

Lotion, of course I don't need to review it right? everyone knew that their lotion is one of the best local brand. And no doubt, for sure it suits to everyone skin. And boost your skin, because yes we really need to put some lotion as we are living in the world that the weather is unexpected and since the global warming - the sun rays and heat really can damaged our skin. Thus, we need to protect our body skin with body lotion and of sunblock.

Let's move on and see the result:
So here still with makeup, before cleansing it with NIVEA Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover.

After, you see my eyeshadow, mascara and eyebrow (left eyes) result after clean using NIVEA Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover. As below result:

Then, moving on to:

So I cleaned my face using NIVEA Micellar Water - yes perfectly clean and now you see my red blemish scar and no makeup face. (excuse my round face)

To conclude,their NVEA Micellar Cleansing Water & NIVEA Double Effect Makeup Remover is totally recommended and worth the money. Affordable yet the quality is reach above my expectations  - 7/10. Not to forget their NIVEA Moisturizing Day Serum also recommended, it really help to reduce dull face that cause by acne scar and excessive oil ! For the lip butter, I haven't try it so I cannot give my review and opinion of it for now.

Thank you to MedanBeautyGram Community for sending this hampers ! NIVEA is amazingly exceeding my expectation.
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Rebellious heart

A little break is good enough to ease your state of mind.
Well it happened almost every year ever since I graduated from my degree. Every time of the year when it comes to my birthday, I'll be very very gloomy and unstable. And turn out this year, I have a very hard month to go through. I don't really understand myself to, so I was wondering around doing my hectic job as an analyst to distract my current state of mind. I don't even do any outfit photoshoot as seen of my rare post in Instagram that mostly during june-july, I posted the throwback picture.
I may lost, moody, overthink, procrastinating, sensitive towards anything, clumsy, uncontrolled emotion, wildest imagination and many more.

Sorry for the negative thought for the introduction part of the post.
Just to let you guys keep updated, what happen during my blogging break time. I was fighting my own self and emotion, being negative all the time. Not in the good state to write a blog, well maybe reaching 24 years old is a little harder for me to accept. Being actually young adult, not that rebellious teenager anymore! So yeah, more responsibility and thought that I think that I will never ever think of in my life.

But well I did past the month of July, and able to do a photoshoot with my friends. This time I'll be just stay true to who I am, what I like, what I love. That "Rebellious teenager" ! I Dye my bleach hair into ashy purple and ready to rock just like a Kpop girlband Blackpink (maybe?) . Never too old for trying out something new and show my love to street style. I am not a feminine person, so for me to pose freely in a feminine style is quite challenging. But for street style, I just go with the flow and dang it, I can't hide my over excitement feeling when I saw the result. Guess what? Being who you are is a privilege of lifetime. Even till now we all hides those true feelings inside that tiny boxes inside you and keep them safe. In order to not get anyone hurts, or even yourself. We all have that wildest dream, thought and feelings deep inside that you can't control but you keep it hidden. No one is perfect. Yes, this is part of growing up to be better and maybe when the time has come where you actually able to express it. You have nothing to fear anymore, and being true to yourself, being who you are.

Here are some snaps from my latest street style photoshoot. I pair my fav lazy to go t-shirt with corset and oversize jeans jacket with ripped jeans and platform shoes. A touch of pink sunnies and hat to show a little different color tone and not too mono for white and jeans.

Special thanks to Jessy Xu & Sanny Xu for helping dye my purple ombre hair. And the make up by Jessy Xu. Thanks to Tiffany Kongadian for dragging me out from my comfort zone and it was a fun photoshoot with you. Many more photoshoot to come !

Blogging is one of my way to ease my hectic mind. And being true to yourself is one of the greatest thing you can achieve. Hopefully I am able to share a very positive content in the next post. till next post - adios.

Veronyca Sufry

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Red Line

Hi readers, finally Another fashion post is UP!

April is a bless month for all of us, since there are 2 days public holiday that happened to be in Monday! So .. say no to Monday blue. And I have some time to went out of town and spend more time with my family which came all the way from Thailand. What makes me more happier is that I meet my cutie little niece (my brother daughter). They are staying here for 2 weeks and I am ready to do my duty as an aunty HAHA. Well beside doing my duty as aunt, not to forget that I have to keep my style ready and never go out of style. 

I went to Samosir Island with my family and trust me, never go to Samosir Island for 2 Days and 1 Night - it's a mistake. Your energy will drained even before you reach and enjoy the beauty of Samosir Island, I suggest you should go for minimum stays of 3 Days 2 Nights. This trip took 4 hours by car to reach Prapat from Medan, and what make it longer is that you have to wait for Ferry to load your car and cross lake Toba to reach Samosir Island. You have to queue up and wait approximately 2-3 hours. You can imagine how tired I am waiting inside the car, one by one. 

Since I am on the vacation mood and I will spend more time playing with my niece so I decided to wear something comfortable casual but cool at the same time. As you know I love to explore any kind of style, I still have that swag style inside of me that I can't let go HAHA. Even some people will said that my look is weird but who care?! let's go with it, as long as you have the confidence, every outfit you wear will be a showstopper, stylish, cool or whatever you call it. Confident is the key!

I choose one of my fav red color tee that I got from ZARA. I mean I think T-shirt is a must have item for all of us, you guys must at least own a t-shirt with brighter color other than white and black. Try to avoid buying a so so quality white t-shirt, because it will turn yellowish once you washed it above two times unless its a from a very good material, quality and brand. Once you got that cool fav go to tshirt, you may start loving how it can mix and match with any style but still comfortable to wear. 

Jogging pants, ok this is 2k17 trends. This year trends is toward athletic/sport wear and how to turn it into a cool kid style. You can refer to the fenty x puma fashion show, or since the era of turning running shoes into a casual look. We are now exploring to the other athletic items into fashion masterpiece. 

Corsets, this is a must have item for 2k17 trends. Call me crazy yes its all started from Givency fashion show starring Kendall and Gigi as their opening. Then Kim Kardashian who become the biggest influencer and when she wore Givenchy corsets - it just stunning and get a lot of attention. turning corsets as a must have item list. And trust me, you'll see a lot of dress/top that coordinated with corsets as their design in 2k17.

Lastly, you can't complete this athletic / sport look without your fav sneakers and baseball cap! Ok , I admit baseball cap is to help me cover up my bad hair day. so its win win solution for my hair and style.

Without further wait here it is my sporty cool looks, feel free to comment below:

What I wore ?

Cap: HNM
Sunnies: Sunnies Studio
T-shirt: ZARA
Jogging pants: HNM
Corsets: Apparel After Dark
Sneakers: Nike Airmax

My pillar of strengths, I feel like I have to post some memorable moments with the one I love - my family. Precious moment when I saw my mom and dad kissed their one and only grand daughter. its kinda remind me how time flies. This will be a good reminder for myself in the future to remark this post as one of my memorable moment. Three years old Alyzza Hanara Soh.

Ready-set-go, last photo of this post will be four of us. Ok I took this photo using self timer. Family bonding - The Soh Family on vacation.

Veronyca Sufry

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I still I remember my promise to share my Coldplay a head full of dream tours VLOG & stories.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Airport Situation

Last weekend (31/03/2017), I was flying to Singapore for my perfect sweet escape weekend with my boyfriend and best friend for Coldplay concert. I swore I have the most amazing weekend, Coldplay was magical and I officially checked my bucket list to watch Coldplay LIVE. But before I blog about my Singapore experience which will be in my next blog post, I want to share about my outfit of the day and like finally a fashion post.

I want to keep it stylish but also suitable with Singapore weather. I always wanted to try and play in the layering game even we are stuck in this tropical weather, so the last time I only got to chance for doing layering style when i was in Seattle. But now, I try my best again to finally do the layering style. Layering trend was actually become very popular last year since the Korean fashion trend  do a huge influence on us. That is why you can see some of the online shop selling a one set dress with inner top.

For Airport fashion outfit of the day, I chose to layer my blue shirt with the little black tank dress that I actually purchased for a set with inner and dress. I don't want to style it exactly the same style as it sell, so I always love to play around with the little black tank dress. These seasons, I am really into chocker which previously I dislike it but now I am really into chocker. I can see how a chocker really complete our look, give a different vibes and style. Yes, so I was badly influenced with Korean fashion.

I am trying to be more feminine by pairing my look with lace strap block heels instead of sneakers. I know its a big mistake for wearing heel in Airport but whatever its only an hour journey and I am not going to wear it for the whole day too (Beauty is Pain).

As for my sunnies, finding a perfect sunnies is hard. cause you have to fit the sunnies into your face shape - as for me.. I have a very round face so the perfect sunnies for me will be in rectangular shape. I add a little contour to my face too. And hair to cover my chubby cheek. My sunnies is actually from sunnies studio which I got from Zalora website.

So yeah, without further talks. Here is my airport fashion look. What do you think? Please comment down below.

What I wear ?
Top: Mango
Slip Dress: Little Muses Online Shop
Heels: ZARA
Bag: Kate Spade
Sunnies: Sunnies Studio
Chocker: HNM
Sneakers; Nike Huarache




All pictures are taken by my one and only annoying boyfriend - Adrian.

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