Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye January

it's 31st January 2012 ....
so i was waiting for my friend to pick me up ..
my friend from china , she has just come back to indonesia and now she is in jakarta so we arrange the time and reunion with my other friends from medan that having college in jakarta..
so this is how i do , while waiting ..
-Keep calm and snap on-
(photograph by me)

Dress by teetoo
Blazer by Gaudi
Bag unbranded
necklase by excecutive
shoes by zara heels


After that , we're having lunch or evening lunch oh whatever it's already 4 pm ..
at ajisen ramen TA and then we went to PIK , find a cafe which is Pan n Barrel , the guys drank some beer and we ate thin crusty pizza and red velvet cakes but the cakes is not delicious as UNION !!!
ahhh i'm craving for red velvet cakes at UNION plaza senayan :(
so here it is , pictures of our reunion day ;)

This is me and huang lu song :)

Monday, January 30, 2012


Saturday with old friends from jakarta ..
we haven't meet each other since last time i came to jakarta ..
so we arrange time to met each other and hang out ..
so this is it , our trip in one day ~
from clementine home sweet home head to union cafe at p.senayan and heading to kevin ang's home and done , back to my cousin house :D
i wanna tell you that those cakes is supahh delicious especially the red velvet one you can see the pic below number 8 , it's in the left one !
it's supah delicious and expensive :(
a piece of cake for Rp 50.000
and i wanna say thanks to claudia & his boyfriend for the ride ;)
and thanks to kevin house for letting us take picture & clementine for the day and everythingggg ..
Have a nice day readers ....

Clementine - me - claudia

supah delicious cakes , especially the left one .

nice pool ..

Clementine & Kevin

it's me

what i wore :
t-shirt by cotton on
short by gaudi
bag unbranded
shoes by forever 21


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Red Oh Red

Red is the color of luck in chinese , so for the first day of Chinese New year most of chinese people wear red dress ...
so do i ♥
I'm celebrating my chinese new year at jakarta , my mom - dad - aunt - cousin from medan have just arrived at jakarta so all of us have a sangwo dinner at my uncle house ♥
all of the kids got red pocket including me ♥
This what i love from chinese new year !
Red pocket - New Dress - Family Gatherin ♥
but my sister and brother didn't join :(
it's been a long time since we have our last cny gathering , oh how i wish they will ...
maybe one day - some day - another time :)
just wishing that one day we can get together ♥

Sorry for my biu , i left medan and can't celebrate cny with u and our first anniversary ..
so in the lunar calendar the first day of cny is our chinese anniversary but for the real date it's on 3rd feb ♥

here is some pics of me ♥

#headband by some online shop
#dress by shop sungei wang
#stocking unbranded

Thank you :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Chinese New Year Eve ♥

hello everyoneeee , Happy chinese new year everyone \m/
Gong xi fat chai , ang pao na lai \m/
So today i'm going to post our family dinner for chinese new year eve at hotel grand hyatt jakarta.
lemme tell u , i was so exhausted eating those all food coz it was so expensive for a person ..
it was buffei dinner so all we can eat ..
but the food is quite good and i am craving for LAMIENNNNN :(

I ate fried rice , spicy tofu , kungpao chicken , beef tenderloin , lamien , strawberry macarons , cherry and etc..

In the resto , they also provide a lot of kind of food like sushi but i dislike :S , shrimp , fosh , past , noodle , any kind of cuisine around the world ..
yeah it match with the price..

so here some pictures of my family and me for sacapme dinner at jakarta ..

#Headband by phoebe & chloe
#Dress by zara
#Bracelet by phoebe & chloe
#Bag by unbranded
#Wedges by Charles & keith

Thank you :)