Sunday, June 10, 2012

Feel so close

My life has been upside down for this few weeks, sometimes i feel happy but sometimes i feel like wanna cry for a hole day without caring about my eyes swollen and everybody start asking me ,"what's wrong with you?". it makes me feel sucks.  A lot of thinks that i have been thinking, i still haven't know what is the answer and what is my decision. One thing that i have been thinking about is LOVE, Some people say he loves her BUT why he doesn't fight for that girl? if you really love someone, you willing to do anything LIKE spending some time and OF COURSE "Communication-respond well". Forget about it, when i feel down what i do is keep doing something, do assignment maybe?or hang out?shopping?any activity, the important thing is "you don't stop doing it and not thinking about something that makes you sad and cry that cause your eyes swollen".
How i feel now is "I'm not MAD but I'm HURT". it's not that i want to be friends but i wanna make you know how it feels like but seems useless :)
Message for the boys : "Don't just say that you love her, but fight for it and never say to your girlfriend that she is a disturber, or you rather/prefer chat with your dear dear love best friend forever than her AND don't play girls heart"

enough for the chit chat, now let's enjoy pictures of today :)
fresh from oven, and today i have so much fun with my friends. Playing roller skate, have a dinner, and watch some magic show in the mall \m/ yayy!
Lastly, outfit of the day !
-Jeans top - unbranded
-Skirt - guess

Pictures credit to melissa my dear housemate \m/
edited by me \m/

Here some pictures of tonight roller skater day \m/
with my dear housemates "melissa"
my friends Ivone & Rina

                                            Crazy mode on : me and melissa \m/

                                                    Me - Ivone - Rina - Melissa
                                           Nando's for tonight dinner \m/

p.s : always love camera, say cheese :D

 what's upppppppppppppppp?!

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  1. I hope you feel better♥ But I love your blog & you're so pretty(: New follower! Hope you can follow back!

  2. You truly are a rockstar! I totally get what you are going through. Reading books and watching kdramas have always been an escape for me. When the going gets tough, I just read my favorite books and immediately feel better. There's always a silver lining in every cloud. I'm sure you'll find yours. Hang in there dear! <3


  3. Great pictures :)

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  5. super cantiiikkk! :D

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  6. I hope everything will be better dear :)

    you look pretty <3
    a new follower! xx

  7. such a great pics!! Love your sunglasses! :)

  8. you look super cute!! glad i found your blog :)

    i'm following you now..
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  9. oh, such a cute photos of you... i love all your photos with guitar!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  10. Sweetheart hope you feel better soon. Love can be such a confusing and frustrating thing

  11. forgot to answer ur question -.-
    i'm study in limkokwing dear

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  13. you're so beautiful! cute pose <3
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  15. thanks for the comment on my blog<3

    yes, im from indonesia, and it seems that we're friends already on fb!
    where are you from? you look so korean!

    btw,nice to know you dear :D

  16. cheer up sweetie, i couldn't agree more that sometimes boys are too cold ** but afterall like the saying ''just because somebody doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they got'' :)
    anw you look lovely xxx love your jeans top and it matches perfectly with your skirt :33