Saturday, June 18, 2016


Hi, readers..
Its been quite a few months, that i haven't post any article..
well actually i have write about 2 draft before this which is should be the 3rd draft-post. But, i just can't find the perfect picture or time to post it. Actually, I have a lot to share with everyone but maybe is just not the right time yet?lol.

Since April, my work task is just getting tougher for me so it just make me feel like i have to get away from my laptop at home. Cause i just can't escape from using laptop in weekdays, and ultimately make me feel tired. so that is work life 8.30 AM - 5.30 AM ( exclude overtime? and phone? ). #sharingiscaring #growingold #worklife that should be the right hashtag :/ - Does it mean i have to say good bye to youth life? yapp.

However, my passion in fashion always encourage me that i have to at least post a fashion post once a month! and actually i have planned to post my travel diary, which include my outfit post for my travel. I think most of us (girls) always prepared our outfit of what to wear when you are going overseas (holiday). Just like last month, i actually went to bali for 4 days, and that get me busy of thinking what to wear in bali - how i am supposed to rock my summer look! taa-daa and i successfully pull it off ! and i promise i will post my travel diary in bali, within this month :) ! stay in touch xx.

ok, enough of the chit chat. Tonight i will post about my latest collaboration with Kivee.
They're latest collection "Soigne" just launched on their website, trust me especially for those who will celebrate "Hari Raya Celebration", their collection will rock you. As, I have always been passionate about Korean fashion style, like how can you pull of that overseas sweater ? blouse and anything just look cute on them, look younger, isn't it? so i decided to create another playful look wearing one of the piece from Kivee latest collection which is Hudson pinafore.(Please click to be directed to Kivee website)

We are age-less, age doesn't measure maturity and so does the way we dress too. So, it's okey for us to be different even people said we are too old to wear it, cause that is how we are fashionista / fashion lover - we love to play dress up and mix matching. What important is, we are loving what we do - no regrets.

Do what you love and wear what you love


From the backside

I decided to go monochrome, simple but look playful. What i wear :

Hat - H&M // Top - Bershka // Pinafore - Kivee // Heels Boots - H&M

Let me know what you think on how i mix matching Hudson pinafore ! drop a comment below :)

Veronyca Sufry,