Sunday, October 13, 2013


 Sunnies - Forever 21 // Necklace - Forever 21 // Supreme Top - Online Shop // Jegging - Giordano // Bag - Forever 21 // Sneaker Wedges - Cajoyness

Hello October ! Here is the first outfit post for october "halloween-month", so this month fav color is gonna be all about BLACK !!! it's an sporty type of an outfit especially when i pair it with my fav sneaker wedges.
 I'm not gonna talk a lot in here since it is an outfit post, just gonna talk about my current state.
I've been working on a lot of thing, such as doing one page proposal for final year project; preparing for internship ( i wish i got a place for intern ); pray hard again to get an internship; doing all my assignment (2nd wave); pray to get a high score for previous assignment. (that is all current uni project thingy).
for my current update:
- i finished watching " The Master's Sun" (One of the great kdrama-very recommended!)
- current series to watch TVD, The Big Bang Theories, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, The Original (sexy accent of klaus from TVD ), Heirs (Kdrama).
- my bedroom is super super super messy
- my current muse "Justin Bieber - Heartbreaker"
- officially an EXOTIC (Exo fan base)
- my current crush "Do Kyung Soo" and "Oh Se Hun"  ( still from EXO)

btw i'm going to post (SOON) about my previous concert that i went last september "Mtv Wolrd Stage 2013 live in Malaysia" , there are a lots of picture to edit and video to post in youtube. it's going to be lots of pic of EXO !!!!!

Here is the sneak peek ( credit to my instagram :3 and it was taken by me from the concert )
"EXO" taken and credit to myself :)

That's all for now, see ya !
and thanks to my housemate "Melissa" for taking my outfit pics !

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Veronyca Sufry

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Summer, kind of day.

This is a very late post..

Back to the early June, i was having a sweet escape for three days two nights with my cousins from jakarta and usa in Singapore. At that time, i was surrounded by bunch of assignment due date and a personal problem where at that i was so depressed. This trips has help me a lot of forgetting those problems and i'm lucky to have friends that understand my situation. okay, so i'm lucky enough can join this trip since it's not my holiday time and my cousins was already having summer break which mean holiday for few months! and me... will be stuck in malaysia.
btw, this maybe gonna be the last time i play with my one of my cousin since he will go to USA to continue his university and gonna miss him ! my best lil bro beswira! good luck there xx.
p.s : i was so fat T_T ,can see my fattyboom. anyway i need to be confident :D

There were 6 of us exploring singapore and deciding where we should go.
so there were Esa ( the oldest ), Me ( 2nd oldest ), Besgendra (3rd oldest), Beswira, Indra and Bestriya.

So, here's singapore photo diary !
Summer, kind of day

Indra- - Beswira - Me - Bestriya - Esa - Besgendra

first try xx

Beswira - Me

The bro - sis

the three musketeers
ootd for that day

my best bro :)

me and esa cie cie

This is us

Indra like a BOSS

Completed !

cheers ! back to childhood!

Add caption

so i guess , i face the wrong direction lol (my mistake)

Happy kids are around

selca while queue up !

lastly, #OOTD

Top - F21 // Skirt - H&M // Bag - Rabeanco // Shades - Rayban // Shoes - Converse

p.s : I'm going to post about my MTV WORLD STAGE LIVE IN MY 2013 , featuring EXO soon !

Thanks xx,
Veronyca Sufry