Sunday, June 24, 2012

Formal Day

Sorry for the very lately post..
Assignment is driving me crazy, i've got presentation and assignment to submit next friday.
Moreover the final test is coming in july, i feel so stressed.
Today i am going to post my outfit in last week economy forum that was held in my university, where all group section have to make a poster, ppt slides and video about our lovely macro assignment :/
so every class have their booth to explain about the economic assignment to lecturers, malaysia minister of finance and professor that analyzing about the economic. ( SOUNDS BORING )
everyone have to wear formal dress :)
btw yesterday is birthday, and i'm going to post about it later on in the next post when i have time :)

Some pictures are taken by my lovely mabro agatha carissa and some pictures are credit to jerrico (in caption)

Outfit of the day :
Top - Topshop
Skirt - cotton on
Stocking - Unbranded
Heels - Charles & Keith
Bag - Rabeanco

it's semi formal look, not too formal :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Feel so close

My life has been upside down for this few weeks, sometimes i feel happy but sometimes i feel like wanna cry for a hole day without caring about my eyes swollen and everybody start asking me ,"what's wrong with you?". it makes me feel sucks.  A lot of thinks that i have been thinking, i still haven't know what is the answer and what is my decision. One thing that i have been thinking about is LOVE, Some people say he loves her BUT why he doesn't fight for that girl? if you really love someone, you willing to do anything LIKE spending some time and OF COURSE "Communication-respond well". Forget about it, when i feel down what i do is keep doing something, do assignment maybe?or hang out?shopping?any activity, the important thing is "you don't stop doing it and not thinking about something that makes you sad and cry that cause your eyes swollen".
How i feel now is "I'm not MAD but I'm HURT". it's not that i want to be friends but i wanna make you know how it feels like but seems useless :)
Message for the boys : "Don't just say that you love her, but fight for it and never say to your girlfriend that she is a disturber, or you rather/prefer chat with your dear dear love best friend forever than her AND don't play girls heart"

enough for the chit chat, now let's enjoy pictures of today :)
fresh from oven, and today i have so much fun with my friends. Playing roller skate, have a dinner, and watch some magic show in the mall \m/ yayy!
Lastly, outfit of the day !
-Jeans top - unbranded
-Skirt - guess

Pictures credit to melissa my dear housemate \m/
edited by me \m/