Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hello bloggerssss ..
i feel very sorry for the very late post , it is my first post on may :(
i am kinda super stressed out with my assignment, mid term test and also feelings :(
i feel tired inside out : mentally & physically
i have cough + flu for 1 weeks and + i fell down from stairs ..
it's not that bad, just it's a little bit painful.
i'll try to post when i have time, and sorry for people i haven't follow..i've just online so i can follow now XD sorry for waiting too long ~
today title is "Alive" inspired by bigbang world tour 2012 XD
it's also to make sure that this blog is still "ALIVE"
i feel i am going to be crazy !!!
everything seems so hard and i feeling down for every single day, words also can't explain just hoping someone can understand me..
i wish i can hold my tears every time it starts falling and control it but still can't do that, i think i am a very sensitive person but i'll try not to be that kind of person..
i wish i PASS THE TEST ! XD
i wish you know how i feel .
i wish i can read people mind, so i know what on people mind and what he/she thinks about me.
MAY, it's month of struggle :(
I wish i can go through this faster and i can hold on to this ****
and i believe before there always a rain before a rainbow shows up :)
what i need to do is keep positive thinking XD
One sentences that i like the most "Please GROW UP"
*don't mind for those sentence, i just feel like want to shout that sentences out loud XD
and #ldrsucks but i have to fight for it =D
i am a strong girl XD
Smile for cover sadness and smile for become a strong girl :)

"Wishing all the best for all bloggers around the world" 

today theme is blue <3
LuVey, Daddy's little girl :)

Sheep :)

What i wore :
- crop top - unbranded
- Lacey skirt - Fuel Design 

"I love fuel design, their collection are awesome and limited+ it's handmade :)"

p.s : just love to post outfit :)
thank you for visiting my blog, thank your anyone who follow my blog i will try to follow back as soon as i am online :)

wish me luck for my mid test - assignment and anything !
gamsahamnida :* 

i've got some announcement :))

 i wanna say thank you to bonjour tout le monde for nominated me on VERSATILE AWARD :)
it is the first award that i got !! *hoorayyy*
thank you austin !! and do please follow HER , her blog is awesome !!

last but not least , i also wanna thank you for my follower and reader :)