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Beauty Review: PIXY Truly Asian Beauty Makeover !

As refer to my latest post about PIXY Event (click here to see my previous blog post).
I would like to share and review few products I got from PIXY along with their new beautiful lip cream colors. SUPER EXCITED! cause i will be doing a special look using PIXY Product. Let's get over the soft silhouette and feminine look, and turn it into a darker make up style. Since I was so inspired by the latest colors of the lip cream: Edge Plum and Bold Maroon.

What's in the beauty BOX? 

1 PIXY UV Whitening TWO WAY CAKE  Cover Smooth (SPF 30 and PA +++)
2 PIXY Lip cream in Edge Plum and Bold Maroon
3 PIXY Radiant Finish lightening cream (SPF 15)
4 PIXY White Aqua Gel Cream Hydra Active  (SPF 30 and PA +++)
5 PIXY Highlight and Shading Perfecting Face Shape
6 PIXY Eyeshadow (Sparkling Gold 09)
7 PIXY line and shadow
8 PIXY Nail Enamel
9 PIXY Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
10 PIXY Aqua Beauty Protecting Mist
11 PIXY Facial Scrub Dull-off Polish

What I love about PIXY Product is that the product is clinically proven and it suits the south east asian type of skin.  Besides, they use Japanese ingredients to create products that would help us achieve the flawless Japanese looks that we've all been wanting without worrying on spending too much because their product are in super affordable price. FYI, i can not lie but i really do love the lip cream and the two way cake cover smooth.

Let's get started !
Bare faced for before and after.

Don't forget to apply toner before applying the PIXY UV Whitening TWO WAY CAKE Cover Smooth which i got in color (04) Natural Peach. At first, i do not expect that this will cover my entire reddish blemish very well but it turns out - it did! You can refer directly to below photos, half of it was cover by TWC Cover smooth.

with optimum protection from the sun light SPF30 and PA+++, no need to be afraid of doing outdoor activity. The SQUALANE OIL also prevents skin from drying by moisturizing it. When I am in rush, TWC Cover smooth is the perfect soulution to get that instant smooth look and whitening face. so i just simply put toner as my based make up and tap on PIXY TWC Cover Smooth, then you are good to go!

However, if you have a plenty of time to do your makeup - you can put toner, sunblock or foundation first then apply PIXY TWC Cover Smooth to reach that perfect no-more-blemish look. This compact powder is really useful especially when you are sweating and ruining your makeup look (it's like disaster), just tap on your face using PIXY TWC Cover - Gotcha! you will look flawless and smooth up to 10 hours. Well, it actually depends on what activity you are doing.

After whitening and cover my blemish, it's time to create the sharp look ! As you can see, I have a very round face - genetics from my dad lol. Or because i ate too much noodle?!. Thus, I want to look sharp and perfecting my natural face shape using the PIXY Highlight and Shading.

I simply apply on my cheek bone, nose area and a bit on my side forehead. For me, this contour pack does give a good impression on me cause it really help shaping my cheek bone and it is perfect for a beginner like me. I learn my contouring skill using this highlighter and shading. It does quite blend in with my TWC Cover smooth compact powder.

Then, moving on PIXY eye shadow. For your information, i do not use any primer on my eyelid. PIXY did a really good job on this, as you can see - the colors pop out. But you have to apply more on the dark brown colors so the look will be more visible. Basic colors and perfect for casual outing and beginner!

Lastly, PIXY LIP CREAM. For this look, i decided to try BOLD MAROON as it synchronizes with my outfit. As i told you in the very beginning, i am trying to avoid the soft look and create a more darker look or this can also be consider as Harajuku style / Gothic look. What surprises me is... this lip cream really matte but it does not dry up my lip. so i do not have to apply lip balm before using this PIXY Lip cream. The textures of PIXY Lip Cream is creamy, soft, light, very pigmented and give a satin finish on your lips. And its sweet scent! And why i love this lip cream? Because the color stays several hours even after eat and drink , so this is a plus value for lipstick and lip cream collector like me.

Tadaa here is my finish look, and of course i do not forget to use PIXY Aqua Beauty Protecting Mist with triple beauty protection: Antioxidant, Moisturize and long lasting your makeup look up to 8 hours.

So here is my final gothic make up look using PIXY Truly Asian Beauty - Beauty Box.

And of course, after you are done with your activity. Do not forget to remove your makeup before shower or going to bed. So here i am using PIXY Eye and Lip makeup remover. No more doubt, cause it really clear my whole makeup look - you can see it from below photos as a proved.

Then, Do not forget to wash your face using your preferable cleanser. Or you can try using PIXY Facial scrub DULL-OFF POLISH to make sure overcome dull skin by reducing excess oil, remove dead skin cells and make the face look brighter.

Image result for pixy dull off face scrub

To conclude, Unexpectedly PIXY has reach above my expectation. With affordable price, i already can get the special look and for quality is quite good cause it does not irritates my skin hence of my very sensitive skin. My most favorite product from the Beauty Box is PIXY LIP CREAM and PIXY UV WHITENING Two Way Cake Cover Smooth. As you can tell, i really love doing photo shoot outdoor and PIXY TWC Cover Smooth really help me fixed my makeup since i sweat a lot. And PIXY LIP CREAM - the color is very pigmented and it does not fade easily when i ate or drink. So yeah thumbs up for PIXY. Hence, PIXY is an Indonesian manufactured makeup brand. I am proud of being Indonesian and I love Indonesia product.

I would like to thanks PIXY INDONESIA.
Website: PIXY Indonesia
Facebook Fanpage: Pixy Indonesia
Instagram: @pixycosmetics
Twitter: @pixyindonesia

P.s: Thank you to Jessy Xu for helping me in making this make up review come true!

Till next time fellow readers!

Veronyca Sufry
ig: @veronycasufry


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