Friday, March 17, 2017

Pixy Express Your Truly Asian Beauty Event in Medan

Hi Fellow Readers!

Last Saturday (18/03/2017), I attended Pixy Product Launching in Medan at Plaza Medan Fair with other Fashion and Beauty blogger. The Dress code for this event are Pastel pink or blue, Cause if you are Indonesian or Been living in Indonesia for so long - you must have know this famous beauty product brand "Pixy" which is very known as their pastel color packaging and very popular in our times.And now they have come out with more and upgraded variant of beauty product!

Pixy is very well know for their beauty product that focusing on Asian look. To be precise, Japanese make up which you can see from the packaging itself - a hints of cherry blossoms! Asian prefer a bright, fresh and a very younger look. Definitely fitted with Indonesia fashion and make up trend.
The rundown of the event itself is so interesting cause thanks to this event, i gained a lot of knowledge! So I would like to thanks to our "Medan Beauty Gram" Community for inviting me to this event, as if you are staying in Medan and a blogger - please do not hesitate to join our Beauty and Fashion Blogger Community.

Ok, Let's get back to the topic - Pixy Product Launching Event!
This event is very special because Pixy invited one of the famous beauty blogger in Indonesia - Miharu Julie. I swear she is so pretty and she really look like Japanese. Miharu Julie shares a lot about her profession as beauty blogger and give us a tips (newbie in blogging world) how to gain followers, readers and visitors to your personal blog and Instagram. A little bonus, she gave a tips how to create a pretty flatlay using beauty product such as lipstick, mask, and etc. And we even get a chance to ask about anything that we are curious about in the blogging world or profession as blogger.

Then, after sharing session was done. Pixy Indonesian couldn't stop showering us with surprises cause they invited their brand ambassador Mikha Tambayong for A Beauty Class with Miharu Julie. The moment when Mikha came out to the stage, the crowd was cheering for her include us / me. Mikha appear with a bare face (no make up), she doesn't embarrassed or hesitate at all sitting in the stage without makeup as an actress.

Miharu Julie did a makeup for Mikha using Pixy product. And she nailed it ! The lip cream was the bomb, cause the color just pop out and it didn't look crack or very dry in the lips. The result itself proved that Pixy have a very good quality as they standardized their product in Tokyo-Japan. It really match with our Indonsian / Southeast Asia skin and style. Thus, Mikha Tambayong look very lovely that day with a magic hand from Miharu Julie.

Last but not least, Another surprises came out when i know i won the live tweet competition. As blogger we get the chance to tweet about the event in our personal account using the hashtag #PIXYTRULYASIANBEAUTY #PIXYAsianbeautyblogger 
The winner will get a chance to get an exclusive gift from PIXY and A picture with PIXY Brand Ambassador - Mikha Tambayong.

Lastly, Closing the event with group picture of Medan Fashion and Beauty Blogger, PIXY Team, Mikha Tambayong and Miharu Julie. And Also.. the pink box! Free gift from PIXY, the PIXY Team have been so kind to us - like seriously! I can't wait to unpack everything and being experimental using all the product from PIXY! Review of the product will be up in the blog very soon, stay tune!

Full member of Medan Beauty Gram and with all the PIXY TEAM, Mikha Tambayong and Miharu Julie

Medan Beauty Gram Community

Interview with PIXY


What I wore:
Baseball cap - HNM
Choker - HNM
Top - HNM
Skirt - Apparel After Dark
Fur Heels - Apparel After Dark
Bag - ZARA

Can't wait to blog about my make up review pretty soon !

Thank you, PIXY !

For more information:
Website: PIXY Indonesia
Facebook Fanpage: Pixy Indonesia
Instagram: @pixycosmetics
Twitter: @pixyindonesia

Veronyca Sufry

fyi - this event also featured in local newspaper : Tribun News


  1. Woahh so fun! Finally Clozette visited Medan too..

  2. Love your outfit and you guys looks so pretty!