Wednesday, January 25, 2017

La La Land

Here's to the one who dream,
Here's to the heart that ache,
Here's to the mess we make.

La La Land // Beyond my expectation. They said this movie is made for dreamers, just like me or all of you that still have long list of dreams that you wanted to achieve so badly. This movie is relate-able with our life from chasing the dreams, passion, relationship. The hardship that you are going through to reach that dreams and sacrifice. Will end you up with mix feeling and a bit teary if you really get the feel and messages of this movie. I never have any expectation for musical film but this movie did! And yes, they won all nomination that they are categorized in and now they are nominated with total of 14 in Oscar. Ryan gosling & Emma stone pulled of their acting and musical skill. They are like goals, but i don't want to spoil anything - just watch it,k?

As this movie is become one of my favorite movie and soundtrack, i am kinda feel lucky that i visited one of the set or crucial spot in the movie.

#NowPlaying Planetarium By Justin Hurwitz

It's Griffith Observatory! The dreamy scene of dancing under the shining stars, chasing each other in the planetarium. Yes, automatically become one of my checklist to go and i will go back to this place again one day with my other half. I still can't move on from La La Land and look back at all photos that taken in LA while playing the whole jazzy soundtrack of this movie.

City of Stars, are you shining just for me?

What i wore on that sunny day in La La Land, is that i chose a more playful outfit that fitted for taking care of my 2 and half y.o niece that keep running away in the planetarium and we have to chase her around. I wore a white ruffle top cause it makes your shoulder look broad, i think i have a thing with ruffle shoulder. Over a blue velvet dungarees, airmax and purple beret. Since its windy, i used my all time fav leather jacket which is a gift from my boyfriend.

Behind the scene (Camera & Iphone):

Mom & Sis in Law

Yep, my niece is playing with my mom's hair or her grandma hair hahaha
Selfie in front of griffith

What you looking at alyzza?

Me & Mom up above the city of stars

prepare for shoot

this cutie pie try to run again

What do you think about my look ? Don't forget to leave a comment below and if you have watch La La Land - are you feeling the same with me? this kind of mix feeling that gets you?



Veronyca Sufry

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