Friday, January 13, 2017


I always in a dilemma when choosing the right title for a blog post.
Cause i have to choose the right title and it has to related with the post.

This post will mainly focus on my last photo shoot i had with my friend (Devin and Mardy) - They are actually a food photographer and yes you guys can visit their Instagram just click on their name, it will direct you guys to their Instagram page and tons of finger licking good shot that will make your stomach grumbling.

Street style always been my favorite, it doesn't really look feminine and have a touch of boyish. It's like pop out in my head that wore that sneakers than heels. But some street style play more to chic than boyish such as ripped jeans match with heels and add gorgeous necklace with plain t shirt, floppy hat. Mine is more to boyish, playful and young.

When we are in love with fashion, age is not big matter for our fashion game. I can look young or classy, its up to us. I am 23 soon turning 24 this year, but i still love looking young and playful rather than wearing office pants. 

A little talk for this title, Why i named this post "Stay" ?
Stay can mean in a good way and bad way. It can be ambiguous. Stay as who you are with that positive attitude or Stay bad as you are now. For me i want to stay young, i want the best people in my life stay with me. Stay good and Leave the bad habit of mine, Change to be better not worst. And for the people who chose to stay with me, i am grateful. Even we are far apart, just so you know i will stay and be there for you when you need me. This title will be my reminder for 2017.

Back to the main topic.
This look is inspired by some Korean drama that i watched, and when i received this dope oversize bomber jacket from my best-friend - Melissa, right away i know i have to match it with my crop hoodie which give a bit touch of hippie vibes. But to make it more playful and young vibes, i pair it with my favorite tennis skirt. And of course sneakers to make it perfect.

F/W seasons moving forward to S/S seasons, and in the midst of it hoodies has been on the trend, and every fashion lover must know that its a must have item in this seasons with range from oversize hoodies (or you can steal it from your boyfriend), crop or any hoodies. Its very comfortable, and effortless. And 2016 its a year for Adidas "again", well even i didn't get the chance to purchase NMD as long as i got Adidas sneaker - it's good enough for me. And my favorite Adidas Baseball Cap (My favorite hat piece). Don't you think it just match? When you match your outfit with the same brand especially athletic brand, sometimes it just weird when you wear Nike sneakers but you pair it with Adidas hat. I did that before, since that time i didn't own any Adidas sneakers but now I do ! Looking forward for more sneaker collection this year.


All picture credit to Mardy! Thanks for this dope shoot and looking forward for the next photo-shoot.

Hoodies - HM // 
Bomber Jacket - Gift from my bestfriend // 
Tennis Skirt - Kel and Tai // 
Sneakers and Hat - Adidas // 
Bag - ZARA //

Veronyca Sufry

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