Thursday, February 9, 2017


Two weeks ago, I attended my very first gathering with my fellow bloggers and it was also my very first time attending event. Previously, Freshlook held the events in Jakarta and now they are going to do roadshow to other big cities in Indonesia. And now its Medan turn! The event is held by ClozetteID x FreshLook. Thanks Clozette !

The events talk about how contact lens play an important roles especially for blogger like us. Beauty blogger used contact lens to enhance our eye colors and match it with the makeup, contact lens is used to completed the look. Same as fashion blogger, we use it to match with our outfit and hair color (of course). Choosing the right contact lens is also important cause it affect our healths, we need to be able to choose contact lens with high quality but also can provide the looks that we wanted or the colors. There are many of it, cheap contact lens with unique and lovely colors but we never know the quality of it. Fresh Look, can enhance your beauty without affecting your eyes. The longest expiration date for their contact lens is a month and their colors are perfectly match and blend in with our eyes.

The speaker of the day is Mrs.Ellyana (Professional Senior Marketing Manager Alcon Indonesia) sharing more about eye health. Guest speaker: Beauty Blogger "Brancy Florencia" & Fashion Blogger "Yunita Elisabeth". This event was also enlivened by makeup competition, ootd competition and flat-lay competition.

with the guest speaker

Each of the attendee was given a contact lens, and i got blue! it's my favorite color. Moreover, our dress code for the event was pastel and the contact lens just match with what i wore that day which is blue. I never wore a contact lens before, and after attending this event - it makes me wonder to try other colors of lens cause it really change the whole look / completing my look. As first timer, it will still make my eyes uncomfortable cause the lens is not yet merged to my eyes and fyi: I have a small eyes (Typical Asian eyes). But once i used to it, it will be comfortable as i am not wearing anything on my eyes.

For the competition, i won the flatlay challenge and of course all thank to incredible team mate Cherly. At first, i thought our flatlay look so messy cause there is so many color in one frame and some more the lighting is bad that day till we have to use the flashlight mode from our phone. Yes, we did it.

FYI: I would like to say thank you to my mei mei (ig: Jessyxuu) for helping me out ! She did my makeup for this event and i absolutely love the make up !

Let me show you highlight of the event and my ootd:

aww we met Yunita Elisabeth <3 br="">

We won Best flatlay !

Last but not least, my selfie with blue lens.

Veronyca Sufry

See u in the next post !

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  1. Lens birunya oke banget dehh, natural ga bikin kelihatan "sok bule" Coba aah <3