Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Feliz cumpleaños // Happy birthday // 生日快樂 // joyeux anniversaire !!!

This post is specially dedicated for the second greatest man that i have ever known ! The first man was of course already taken for my family ( Grandpa, Father and Brother ). This man is surprisingly surpass my expectation on the boyfriend criteria. He is the most patience, perfectionist, mature, commit, annoyingly cute, super caring yet not possessive kind of man, understanding me ( a quite stubborn girl ) and many more. He is a man with commitment, honesty and straight forward that he want this relationship to last. He is not that typical romantic guy who give flower or expensive stuff. Playing prank for april mop, telling me that he urgently need a medicine and come to my apartment unit just to meet me and talk to me in midnight. He is the first man who come to my door and give me surprise by buying me a pillow not a doll lol ( special pillow for having neck-ache) lol. He is the man who take care of me fully 100% when i am sick, cooking, accompany me to the doctor, buying me food even he has to walk quite far. He is the man who peel off fruits for me cause he know that i am too lazy to peel it. He is the man who support, advising and accompany me 24 hours when i am doing my thesis - let me repeat that skripshit ( he even help me ) lol. On my birthday, he is trying his best to be a romantic boyfriend, give me flower, gift and romantic fine dinning (super appreciate his effort since he is not a type of romantic man). He cooked for me and yes he is a chef. He even accompany watching tv series that he never watch before like glee, antm, korean drama lol. OMG its too many, but yeah my day is always awe-some legennnnnnn wait for it - daryy !!! when i am with him. He makes me feel safe and respect me. In our 9 months of relationship, i even forget what we have fight about and i just remember the sweet memory things, happiness with 4 months of LDR ( long distance of relationship ) as we trust each other. He makes me fat T_T cause we love to eat so much - steamboat for two, jojo noodle jumbo portion (cryyy....). Not to over exaggerated, he is the kind of man that i want to have for the rest of my life as we complete each other. The first time i fall in love, i never thought that experiencing heartbreak will be that worst and never thought that this heart can turn into numb. The man who turn this numb and cold heart to spark, feel and beat again is you. Yes, i apologize that it sounds so clingy. I never thought that meeting you will be the greatest moment that i ever have and you are one of the best thing that have happened in my life. Thanks to fmfa (future music festival) 2014 - Day 3 cancellation and my friends, the day i met you for the first time and the person who make me miss to stop at my train station and luckily i only pass one station -.-' because of chatting this man hoek !

 Its almost - (a day) to our 9 nine monthsarry, tomorrow to be precise. But today is a special day 28 January 2015 ! A special post as you requested long time ago ( 'When are you going to put me inside your blog?- teeheee hahahahha" ) A special post for my crazy boyfriend ( our own nickname mi pacar giyak ) A special day - Adrian's birthday ! Happy twenty-one to this annoyingly cute man my man. Welcome to the legal age ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! This may be our first time celebrating your born day together but lets cheer to another year - future - forever events to celebrate together. I wish you all the best for OUR future (shymodeon) loves, career and everything going smoothly ! and I guarantee you ! your life will fill with joy and happiness especially because there is me ! Lets build, share and achieve our future, goals and dreams together through ups and down ! I believe we will make it. Happy TRICKY birthday my man :)

Last but not least, three words eight letters : "I Love You".
He is my chuck bass
Lock of love 
Airport, when i went back to malaysia for studies
My birthday

white white white

before he leave to france ( 10 days leaving me  :( ! )

si pesek

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  B I I  ! ! !

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