Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Brand New Year - 2015

Happy New Year 2015 !!!!
I might be a little too late for greeting new year to everyone, sorry pals! 
To welcome this year i would like to make a list of new resolutions :
- More active in blogging
- Find a job
- But first, hopefully i pass all my last sem subject
- get a new phone (yeah i lost my phone on christmas eve T_T)
- learn how to drive (yeah i am 21 but i cant drive)
- do good 
- be positive
- no more procastinating (err..)
- be more patient
- do lots of saving
- be stylish or (keep) hahahha
- diet / eat clean
- work out
- love my family and boyfie / mi pacal

That's a lot of list, but i got to try hard. I am expecting this year 2015 will be a good year for me since last two years its quite hard for me to go through it. What surprising me is i lost my phone in last 6 days of 2014 ! GO TO HELL THOSE THIEF!!! I GUARANTEE YOU WILL HAVE A BAD LUCK !! :(
wtf i just repair my phone like last 2 weeks before it was gone, tough day tough month tough year.
So I am hoping this year may be my chance, my luck and everything !
And btw I am already back at my hometown and will be staying here "M e d a n" and finding a job here, and will be graduate on this may 2015 ! Leaving Malaysia is quite sad for me, since i separate with my housemate (best friend), my room, spotify ! high speed internet ( internet at hometown is super lame and sucks! ), my fav noodle shop and my freedom lol (isn't it obvious). I am going to face the real world for REALLLL no more playing :( and actually i am quite lost of what i really wanna do for now and next chapter of my life. Should i keep working till i old? Should i take some courses? Should i take master? but for now yeah focus on getting a job and i am super nervous of how is working life will it be the same as i did my internship last year kind of vibe, the competition and the two face errr. Guess i am over thinking, yes i always did over think. One thing will be the same is i am gonna keep doing an outfit post whether in instagram or blog. Let's make a wish for all of us ! Hopefully this year will bring more luck, fortune and success for everyone of us and WELCOME 2015 !

Last few days, i do a photo shoot of wearing my new boots from er.ers (online shop) ! Thank you for sending me this pair of cozy boots. So i asked my cute cousins to help me up with this shoot at one of my cousin house. My cousins house is one of the extraordinary house at my hometown ! The american vibes is everywhere, so it is perfect to take a shoot for my outfit of the day / shoot ! guess i will be doing more photo shoot here. 
My themes for this look is quite simple, i just wanna have a casual but chic look with monochrome vibes and a bit boyish with the crop top t-shirt that written f*** fake friends ( which is true lol and there is a reason i buy this shirt HAHA) and combine with boots ! aww i am boots lover !

Here's my cozy boots from er.ers ! Thanks again ! Go check them out ! They provide many customize shoes from boots to sandal and even the j.campbell look alike ! here is their instagram link:

What I am wearing:
Hat - HnM// Top - B.Times square// Pencil skirt - F21 //  Bag - Zara // Shoes - er.ers

p.s: The hat is from my boyfriend ! is a Christmas gift ;)
My cute cousin ! Zoey ! Isn't she pretty?
My niece ( Abby ) on the left side and both of my right side my handsome cousin jori and josh !
Thanks for reading and drop by ! Have a nice day everyone !
x o x o
Veronyca Sufry


  1. Nice photos! Mind to follow each other via gfc&insta? :)