Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Teen Spirit

Just a short story about this post, cause it's an outfit post (yayy*drumrolls*) like finally.. i got a chance to do a photo shoot (Thanks to my boyfriend). Fashion is about creativity, passion, exploring and it doesn't determine based on your age, so wear whatever you want and be who you are. As for me, i do a style a bit more teenage but who care? fashion is about exploring just like a scientist doing a research and finding a cure. This outfit post for me its more to 80s or 90s actually if i pair it with more vibrant color of jacket or oversize jacket. This outfit is inspired from American apparel style and from clueless (movie) / you can try and check out Fancy - Iggy azalea Music Video. Anyway, I am so happy to announce that i am officially graduated from Taylor's Business School with Bachelor of International Business and Marketing (Hons) and i will shared one of my once in a lifetime moment with the world as this blog is my online living diary, i have shared several moments from my high school life till now. And, I will be happy if one day and i have to look back at all the moment i have shared in this blog. Quote of the day," You only live once, don't waste your time and live your life the fullest!"

Here it is my outfit post, and don't forget to rate and leave a comment below !

Let's pose after a long time ....

The prettiest women in the world is the one who shared their smiles to the world

My private photographer, boyfriend, best friend and chef :)

"What i am wearing?"

Jeans Jacket - MONKI ( A birthday gift from my best frenemies ) // Top - Uniqlo ( My couple shirt from boyfriend ) // American Apparel look a like Skirt - Kel&Tai Warehouse ( Online shop in instagram, please do check them out just click on it ) // Bag - Kate Spade // Socks - GAP // Shoes - Nike Airmax Essential 1 ( Birthday gift from my boyfriend ) // Shades - Ellin ( Shop in Malaysia )

Veronyca Sufry


  1. What a cute look! loving your outfit especially that skirt <3
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    Deasy Tantra

  2. You look great in this pictures, I love your skirt!

  3. Thanks for your sweet words!! Im in love for your blog ano loving your outfit! Xx ❤️ I follow you :)

  4. Cute look! I love your shoes<3
    Btw you and your boyfriend looks so cute together!! xD

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  5. Love your denim jacket and the way it is edited is beautiful. Would you like to follow each
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    1. So sorry about the late reply, been very very busy since I last commented here. Followed you on
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  6. Love your denim jacket, so chic and casual <3

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  7. nice post! Happy Friday:)

  8. nice look,i just realized that you from Medan.
    im from Medan too(:

    1. Thanks dear! Hi nice to meet you <3
      What a coincidence ! Would you like to be friends and lets follow each other on GFC & instagram, and ofc keep it touch;)
      Salam kenal !


  9. Great look:) xx

  10. So cute! ><
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  11. Glad I come across to your blog! your fashion style and attitude is adorable! Your edit pictures also very creative and inspiring!

    Congratulation for your graduation dear! looking forward to your next post about it!

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    Greeting from Indonesia,

  12. Such a cute outfit, pretty as always!

  13. congraduation dear, glad to hear that <3
    i love your jacket, blend perfectly with your outfit <3

  14. The more I am getting older, the younger I feel!

  15. Your boyfriend did a great job with those shots! Congratulations to you for graduating!:D

    You look lovely in that outfit, the bright pops of color really make your skin and outfit pop!

    ❤ Charms | à la Charms

  16. You look gorgeous! xo

  17. beautiful blog! maybe we can follow each other?

    welcome :)

  18. I looove your style! I'm 25 and would consider myself to dress like a teenager sometimes (lol), but that's just my style I guess! I want to follow you on GFC, but I don't see a button on your page!