Sunday, October 23, 2011


SUNDAY>>yeah definitely is a good day but for me it's the day for having a long nap,lay on bed,webcam with BIU and fall asleep..
today i feel i am the most lazy girl in My World :P
wake up on 10.45 AM read a chat from my boyfriend and fall asleep again until 2.00 PM sth , and having lunch on 3.00 PM ( indomie goreng seleraku ) and back to bedroom lay on the bed webcam with BIU and fall asleep so i considered it as NAP , and wake up at 7.00 PM , HAHA finally dinner time i am with my housemates going to eat dinner at warung OMA " Indonesia restaurant "
Dinner : Ayam goreng penyet cabe hijo 8.00 RM
Ice kosong 0.80 RM
Rice ???????* forget

This is Ayam goreng penyet cabe hijo :

when we're heading back to apartment , location exactly at parking lots , we saw a flirty cat ! This cat was really cool , the tail is unique and the cats doesn't seem afraid of us , see i took some pictures of this cat >.<

Look at how the cat pose !

okey ... Picture of the DAY :

HAT : Borrowed fro ita ( housemates )
T-shirt : Hardrock bali

Location : ITA"S BEDROOM


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