Saturday, October 22, 2011

Forever Young

okey,today i'm going to post some old picture (not old actually) , This picture was taken on around february 2011 . Guess what? i'm going to post our class picture :D
I just realize , that high school is our best moment :)
being a collage is not fun as high school student , believe me !
"last year , i wish time will be faster and i can graduate from high school ! but now , it's different ... "
The most saddest part is when it is our last day sitting on the class and teaching by our teacher for the last time and having a chit chat gossiping for the last time in OUR 4TH FLOOR CLASS ( rumour said ," our class is haunted")
btw anw busway....
Our class name is " XLENAFELY DE'TWEPADOS "
oh yeah , i remember !
our class also perform dance on teachers day 2010 :
- chicken dance
- love today - mika
- dynamite - taio cruz

see ! i remember the list !

but you school there will be someone that you hate & LOVE !

okey this one was taken at my home :P

okey it's me :D

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