Sunday, October 23, 2011

Put Your Hands UP !!




Readers,let me told you sth..
i'm addicted to 2PM !
i can't stop listen to "Hands Up !"
i'm a little too late, this song was out 3 months ago and i just realize i like it =='

it's almost 3AM in the morning..
but i'm still awake , i feel my sleep time is just so rude :S
since i'm in malaysia :x
lemme tell you my days last night *yesterday*
I'm supposed to go to KL city with my friend "claudia" but we change our plan and we went to sunway pyramid !
here is our list :
1. MOVIE "What's your number?"
rating for this movie ♥♥♥ 14 RM

ps: make sure you are above 18y.o
(you got what i mean?)

2. RESTO "Ninja Joe"
Pork Burger w/ black pepper favor 5.50 RM

3. BOUTIQUE "Topshop/Topman"
window shopping ☺
i got my eyes on 1 mini dress but it cost 253 RM :(

4. BOUTIQUE "Cotton On"
window shopping ☺
i supposed to buy top with leopard pattern :(
but i've to buy 2 to get a cheaper price
so i decide to leave it :(

5. BOUTIQUE "Forever 21"
shopping ☺
hihi* evil laugh !
i bough a cheap slip canvas shoes with an electric pink color 35RM
so damn happy !

6. RESTO "Formosa"
fattie me :(
i ate a lot for dinner !
i order package B1
which is :
'braise tofu
'braise egg
'chicken crisp ( similar w/shihlin XXL chicken )
'milk tea bubble
it cost me 14RM for DINNER

7.Taxi stand
back to apartment and webcam with my boyfriend ☺
and after that msn with my superb besties
melissa ! having a long talk abt everything ..
+ i tweet a lot
+ chat w/2 friends on skype
share stories
+ FB
+ find info abt 2PM concert in malaysia
(planning to watch) but :( it's not a right time *MY very 1st final test*

and finally taraaaaaaaaaaaaa listen to " 2PM - HANDS UP"


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  1. i'm waiting for SNSD concert in singaporee this december!!