Friday, January 1, 2016


Hi there,
Happy new year !!!!!!!!!
So i have been absent for about 3 months in here.
Well, what can i say. Hmm I have been in a probation / training in my current workplace ( my first job after graduating ) as an SAP Analyst. It's not that bad, i am kinda feel like i am a student studying and doing all the never ending assignment ( that's my perspective of how i see and feel my current job right now). being an SAP Analyst is out of my expectation that this will be my current career, well i am just following the wind and even its complicated, i am quite enjoying it. and i bet no one know what is SAP Analyst is... even my parents..friends...haha. Well let's move on to other topic!
Yepp its "December 2015", last chapter of 2015. And i think i should post and talk about my current life here. I have this things / random thought in my mind that i keep thinking and reminding myself, to always be grateful of what you already have. I just lost my dog, he passed away in Christmas eve and i was watching him, try my best to help him till his last breath. A vivid memory of losing somone you love, came back as i lose my grandpa last 2 years. So i have been trying to do my best to not think about it and keep this quote in my life. I should spend more time with the people i loved as long as i can, family, friends, and do what you want in your life ! grateful of what you have and living life to the fullest. Be honest, Be humble, Be whatever you want, it's your life and you only live once. but still you have to balance it, i mean look at your bank account first LOL ( if you want to shop, cause yolo what?! ) well if you want to try to be poor then ok LOL since its YOLO!
Since we never know, when we will gone too ? right ? Don't regret your current life, see the bright side from you current life decision too. Think positively !

Since its 31st December 2015, I would like to post best moment in 2015 !

1. "Convocation Day" - I am graduated with Bachelor degree of International Business and Marketing (HONS). I was graduated together with my boyfriend, which mark both of our starting line to the outside world !

My boyfriend and I


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2. Family Gathering
My brother visit ! And first time i met my niece ( i super love her)

My sis in law

My brother !

My boyfriend and niece ( her name is Alyssa)
A gang of my brother, sis, cousins and niece !

My Sister visit ! She surprise me , mom and dad.
The moment she was at the back of the door and saying hi! i was like looking at a ghost and in tears haha.
First shot !

Sis birthday !

Family breakfast !


3. New haircut !
Bye 2015
4. YOU
My Endless happiness

Let's Say GOODBYE to the wonderful 2015 :)
Thanks for all the endless memories..

Well, Happy New Year 2016 !

Veronyca Sufry