Friday, December 19, 2014


Hellooowww...readersss...just a quick update !
I am back after a year of hiatus in the blogging world, many things has happened and changed in my life year. There are up and down, encountering people that we never know that are going to play very important role in your life and people you love somehow are going to leave you. University, Internship as a student that quite unlucky have to extend a semester and now it has ended. Only in a year, time flies and life goes on. I have tell myself to keep updating my blog but as a "procastinator" or if you are a "procstinator" - you should know how it feel XD
I am coming back to the blogging world, as if you follow my instagram, you will know that i just finished my exam for my "degree" ! yes my degree year has endeddddd - the smells of freedom but somehow i feel odd ! cause i am going to enter the workforce :/ (hi! working life)
Final year in university life is quite hectic, you have dissertation, tons of assignment, exam - university life is not just about studying (student and dying put together), you still have to deal with many things that you need to think especially FUTURE . . .
This post is specially to celebrate and documenting my journey as a university student has finished and i cant wait to continue my next chapter of life .. hmm will it be getting a master degree (?) working of course and hopefully i can get into a fashion industry, or getting extra course.
but anyway the happiest thing that have ever happened in my life is meeting "the one" hehehhe
the one you love and accept who you are, the one who is always there for you up and down. the one who support you, the one who can read your mind which is mi cutiepie boyfriend and bestfriends !

I think i will miss a lot of things in malaysia, including separate with my bestfriends/housemate too... my frenemies, there are many crazy things that we did together ;) (you know who you are and you know how crazy we are) as i dont really know how to actually explain or tell you " How grateful I am, to know, meet and become your bestfriend - Hey moodie biba housemate!."
I am wishing you lots of luck and all the best for your future and hopefully no more grumpy face lol and i am gonna miss you ! u u m brellaaa~ chandelierrrr~ E X O~ luuuuuluuuuuuhannnnn~
 you know that distance doesn't matter ;) ( cry me a riverrr TT__TT )
alis and lips
crazy selfie time

purrr meaww

Smile :)

My bae's : Agatha, Ivone, Rina, Cicilia, Fiona, Doris, Patrice, Tiffany, Wenny ! spot yourself !
Thank you for these 3 and a half year of amazing journey :)
 Friendship is not count from how long you have know this or that person, it comes from the heart and "the clique", Thank you for become a part of my journey and everything.
Distance doesn't matter !


then, move to my boyfriend ! my kesayangannnn - our journey and our love story is still long !
remember, forever to go ;) - the person who always support me, my unexpected and the one that makes me the happiest girl in the world ! love you peli peli much :*

My chuck bass
hehehhehe first date

Lastly, My family, words cant describe.
Mom and Dad, Brother and Sister, Grandpa and Grandma.

I miss you grandpa and you know your troublesome grandchild is soon graduating ! Love you grandpa and granma :)

Mom and Dad - Thank you so much

Thank you sis for everything

Thank you bro and my niece :*
Soh Family ( we need a complete pics of all family members ! )

so, 17 December 2014 - Last day of my exam for "degree" and I am ready 2015 !
Lets rock the future!

Pinky promise, i will keep updating my blog !

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