Thursday, June 20, 2013


Sorry peeps. long time no post anything in here. I'm kinda busy with all the assignment stuff since i arrived in malaysia, it's too hectic too many assignment in sem 4 and i don't know how to deal with all the assignment for the upcoming semester which is in sem 5. Moreover, it's 3 weeks to go for FINALS and i'm dead. I.m just hoping things will go as i planned. it's June ald which supposed to be my fav month, but everything seems go into a different way. I've got a lot of thing to think about in my head and it feels like wanna explode 'somehow'. gahh...i'm just wishing all the best for my finals in july, get a high gpa, pass exam, and get over all of the thing that stuck in my head.

Before my finals start, i would like to clear some things that "what's on my mind":
I would like to said sorry to my uni group friends since i do a lot of mistake in my assignment and uni life. such as, sorry for always being last minute in writing essay. Idk why but my brain always work on last minute hahahah *peace* and  i'll try my best to let this bad habit go away (hope so). Thank you for being my friends.
I would like to said to some people that please keep low your ego and pride. nobody's perfect, dont always think that you're always right and keep your words.
I would like to tell that i hate harsh jokes, such as you're an idiot, dog or sth..
idk why but i just dont feel that is a funny jokes, or maybe im too serious.
I'm hoping "some people need to be more understandable" - understands people feeling. including Friends & Family.
I'm hopinggggg that i received my passport before holiday starts !!!!!!! so i can go back to hometown :( since it will be the last holiday before i do the internship ! and spending quality time with family and friends.

Lastly, sorry for my bad english and my very badddddd moodddd writinggggggg (too melow).
just spoiling everything that i wanna writes.

Current updates:
I'm currently watching Pretty Little Liars since TBBT; HIMYM; GG; Carrie Diaries; TVD; Glee is done for the seasons and waiting for all of these series movie new season next fall
I'm addicted to "Daft Punk ft Pharell william - Get Lucky" and "Taylor Swift ft Ed Sheeran - Everything has changed".
I'm more active in instagram @veronycasufry
I think "man of steel" is so ughh nayy ( dissapointed ! ) not as i has expected !
i'm eye-ing on sneakers wedges and skort <3 alert="" arghh="" br="" buy="" for="" me="" please="" somebody="" wishlist="">

Now for my duty, sharing my outfit post of the month ! just finished editing it, and this picture is actually taken last week which is what i wore for my formal presentation and it's captured by Rina. Thanksss rina <3 p="">

my puffy face

Top - F21 // Skirt - H&M // Blazer - Gaudi // Heels - F21

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  1. Simple but very pretty! :) Love your whole look.

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  2. cute look! lovelyyy

  3. i adore this outfit, reminds me of something i would wear

    much love from NYC

  4. love ur marvelous heels:)they look chic!
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  5. Nice post! Love it ^^ Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, mind to follow each other? :)

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  6. I love the skirt so much! haha

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  8. love your skirt and heels! looking gorgeous <3<3

    Letters To Juliet

  9. wow,awesome outfit!especially that killer heels <3

  10. Really cute outfit!!
    From Paris with love, Vicky

    The Golden Bun

  11. Live the turtle neck top and skirt combo. Soooo 90s!!

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  13. you look amazing

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    love it!

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