Monday, February 25, 2013


*Note : Please excuse my narcism

Couple of the year !!

My LOVELY MOM and DAD <3 br="">

Me and Granny

How's your day readers? mine is "so so and not so good", I'm in the emo mode. I feel i am getting mad easily and impatient. My temper is getting higher and i feel i need time alone for myself :( but it seems i can't get it on this sem break. feels like wanna throw up every problem rite now !!! if only people can cry without causing swelling eyes, it will be better for now :( !! if only i can get out from my life for a while and travel abroad alone !!!! if only i can get amnesia for now !!! if only i can have a time machine and go back to the past !!! if only .... !!! :( ohmygod i've a lot of things to think about :( why being adult is so hard? it is happier when we're still child, no need to think about anything and all i can do is have fun! but life must goes on and we have to grow up :( while prob come one by one and we're just gonna have to face it :(

Last few days, i went to singapore to bring my granny grandpa for medical check up and of course for family recreation too ! so my granny grandpa can have fun ! so so so so i'm kinda happy to get a chance to go to singapore again coz it's been a few year that i didn't visit singapore ! andddd of course looking for sth good ( shop ) hihihi* evil laugh ! okayyy let's go back to the topic ! so here's what i wear in DAY 3 in Singapore which taken on 21 February 2013 and this pic taken by lovely mom :* ( HUGS AND KISSES )
i went to marina bay just to take pics, lunch ( OMG DELICOUS BEEF LAMIEN ! ), buy macaroons and look around hahaha nothing to shop in marina LOL ! btw you guys can see how my granny and grandpa look like in the pic, rite? guess what ... my granny is 84 y.o and my grandpa 86 y.o but they look YOUNG XD and i love them so much ! 
so i am wearing a kind of street style thingy ...

Tell me, What Do you think about my look????

// Beanie - H&M // Tribal Top - H&M // Denim Skirt - TOPSHOP // Necklace - F21 // Bracelet - DIVA // Stud Loafers - TOPSHOP // Bag - FOREVER21 //


  1. Tribal print and denim makes such a great combination! xx

  2. your looks really great ! i love the tribal top and studded loafers :)

  3. you look pretty! i love your outfit :)

  4. lovely outfit! <3 <3

  5. sooooo pretty!! love everything!! you are japanese?? because i am :)

  6. Like your cozy and charming outfit! And specially I love the setting of your pics! Kisses from Vienna, Katja

  7. tribal print >,< i love it and you so cute with mini dress

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    hope you'll follow back me
    want each follow other? :)

  8. it's yay for your outfit !! :D
    and hope you will have a nice day ahead, girl .
    keep calm and eat beef lamien again . hihihi

  9. You look so cute! Love your bag! I am following you on GFC, would be very happy if you did the same! Maybe you also wanna follow on facebook and bloglovin? Let me know!I am also hosting a giveaway. Kisses <3<3

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  11. love the combination ;) you look pretty!

  12. You outfit is awesome!
    You blog is inspiring :)

  13. cute cute cute! i really love your fabulous bag :)

  14. I love how your shirt pops with color in the picture:)Great blog!

    Townhouse Palette

  15. Oh really lovely outfit. The photographs with your family are really lovely. I´m following you I hope your follow me back..


  16. Yaaaaaaaaaay for your outfit. Two thumbs up for the couple of the year!
    Aree With Umbrella

  17. you are such a cutie pie dear !
    sure for your req , i'm your newest follower :)
    wait for your follback
    keep in touch *kisses

  18. perfect style! Hope you have fun with your family!

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  19. yay of course! I love how you show your personality through the lens! keep shinning!

  20. Hey, what a lovely blog you have!
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  21. Nice pics and I like your outfit. Like I see you had a nice time.

  22. hahaha very true. life goes on. we can't just stay for being a child.
    nice outfit btw, such a perfect combination!

  23. Aw yoour grandma and grandpa is 80+? but they look younger omg <3 and you make me miss SG so much

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  24. cute pics dear ^^ love your sense of style BTW what do you think to follow each other? I'll wait for you on my blog
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  25. you looks had a fun trip <33 love your tribal top, looks so lovely :)


  26. so stylish! I'm your newest follower btw :)