Saturday, January 28, 2012

Red Oh Red

Red is the color of luck in chinese , so for the first day of Chinese New year most of chinese people wear red dress ...
so do i ♥
I'm celebrating my chinese new year at jakarta , my mom - dad - aunt - cousin from medan have just arrived at jakarta so all of us have a sangwo dinner at my uncle house ♥
all of the kids got red pocket including me ♥
This what i love from chinese new year !
Red pocket - New Dress - Family Gatherin ♥
but my sister and brother didn't join :(
it's been a long time since we have our last cny gathering , oh how i wish they will ...
maybe one day - some day - another time :)
just wishing that one day we can get together ♥

Sorry for my biu , i left medan and can't celebrate cny with u and our first anniversary ..
so in the lunar calendar the first day of cny is our chinese anniversary but for the real date it's on 3rd feb ♥

here is some pics of me ♥

#headband by some online shop
#dress by shop sungei wang
#stocking unbranded

Thank you :)


  1. You have an amazing blog!! Nice post!I'm following!

  2. happy new year :)