Monday, July 18, 2011

exploring hangzhou !

goshh i can't believe i say this , but hangzhou is awesome !
the things in here are quite cheap,u can get a sneaker here just about 50rmb !
and the food , some is good and some is bad , but in conclution it's just awesome !
and super cheap .
imagine you only need 150rmb for having a dinner in a really good restaurant and a great super delicious food :3
hang zhou is also famous with its west lake or in mandarin we called it ," si hu "
what a great lake in the middle of city !
with a nice view and the wind blowing , it just makes your heart feel so relaxing and forget everthing !
the transportation in here is so easy and cheap !
you can use a bus with only 2rmb or u can rent a bycicle and hangzhou is also a green city !
where u can find a lot of trees here , and most of the people using bicycle !
the point is , just great lah !
u shoud come here ;)
nice place !
but 1 things about china that we don't like is the " TOILET "
so if u wanna enter a restroom get ready for the super smelly and yuckksss place !

veroNYCa !

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