Friday, May 6, 2011

3 Days 2 Nights To Remember with XDT

we're just back from our vacation last week yo !
3D2N is not enoughhhh it should be + 1 more Day :P @TUK-TUK ,P.samosir!
we're having so much fun at there !
Samosir Island is such a beautiful Island , i felt like we back to our nature :)
First Day ♥
we arrived there around 1PM start from around 7AM , spending a lot of time on the bus and ferry for 1 hour,we should use ferry because we're going to the island and we should cross lake toba to get there~
And here we are !
@tuk-tuk and now heading to our HOTEL !
>>>Silintong Hotel 1<<<
put all our stuff then go to rent 11 bicycle & 3 motorbike!
we're planning to go to TOMOK and it takes 11km to go there + the scary road :S
unfortunately we can't arrive at TOMOK :S b'coz it's still so far from here and we back again to hotel , some of the guy playing in the water !
i can't play in the water , bcoz my parents already warn me not to play in the lake :(
after that we should take a bath and prepare to go to restaurant !
the restaurant name is RUMBA !
they are serving HOMEMADE PIZZA♥
it was so tasty !
especially the CHEESE ♥
but the spaghetty not really tasty :P
luckily i'm not order the spaghetty !
i order pizza + hot ginger + hot lemon and share it with melissa :D

DAY 2♥
we have planned to go fishing !
and go to TOMOK by motorbike :D
shoppingggg :P
i buy some shorts , b'coz i planned to playing in the water :P
when at tomok , we're having lunch at some restaurant that only served fish lake :P
i don't know what kind of fish is that but it was tasty yoo !
1 fish cost around rp20.000 , but i share it with sella :D
after at tomok , we're heading to NAINGGOLAN but it was really far :S
yh then we go back to tuk-tuk , then planning wanna go to PASIR PUTIH but same as NAinggolan it was to FAR ! then we're back again to TUK-TUK !
it's kinda creepy !
i had fall from motorbike for 3 times !
you knowww,the road is creepy ~
but luckily , i can jump out from the motorbike :D
so i'm fine :D
this is the last night at tuktuk ad we have to eat that RUMBA PIZZA !!!!
then after that we buy some fishing equipment !
and the first time we got a GERAPU FISH SIZE S !
we don't have any bait so we're catch some GOBI fish and use it as a bait !
and we also use some shrimp !
for the second time we're catch the Gerapu fish size medium !
we was so happy !then we let it go again ~

ahhhhhhhhhh today we will back to medannnnnnn :(
quite saddddddd ;(
sigh !
before go back to medan !
we use ferry go to batu gantung and then parapat and have lunch on Rumah makan istana
and back to medan using bus :D
when on the bus i acidentally throw up X_X
because i ate too much for lunch !
we're using brastagi route to back on medan so it will be a long journey !
we also visit Piso-Piso waterfall !
some of XDT success !
arrived on the waterfall :D
and me?
i'm to lazy and tired to go down there :P
so i'm with 4 other XDT just makin a a video :D
a report live video !
and me?
as the HOST !
lol !
after that we're back on road !
using brastagi routeee and then stuck on green hill !
arghhh !
and arrived at medan on 11 PM :D
Done !


  1. hahahaha
    wilik da update? blog mu :D

  2. ga nih...
    u liat aja ndiri...
    postingan terakhir tgl 8 agustus 2010...wkwkwk

  3. post kn foto XDT lo :P
    tar w ad wktu mau post lg :D
    XDT pny :D
    +video lha wilik!

  4. ntar hbs SNMPTN w bru usahakan update blog w deh...haha
    video? upload k youtube ? haha