Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Valentine Fine Dine

It's that time of the year again, when all your social media accounts are filled with romantic dinner, flower, gift, chocolate, surprises and proposal - all sorts of couple things.
And this year for me, it's a little bit different than others and i would like to share about my simple valentine dinner that blew away my not so high expectation. Even i didn't get a flower :( but i get a chance to have a very special dining cuz its so good.... not a really romantic one or in five star hotels that only provide romantic ambience but not food.
As you know it, my boyfriend is a chef and so he is so picky with our dinner and sucker for flower! (you heard that bii?!). This year, He secretly arranged our exclusive dinner with head chef - Milen of The Thirty Six Cafe (One of the popular & favorite cafe in Medan). It was three courses dinner and not in the menu! The food was amazing and that is why i decided to blog about it and asked my boyfriend to help out with the food review part. As for my part, of course i will share my outfit with special shot.

Main topic of this post "Food review and Valentine Outfit"

"Food Review" by Adrian Hartanto

Three courses dinner - "Appetizer to Main Course to Dessert"

Potato Leek Soup (Homemade Chicken Sausage, Leek Confit, Potato Nest)
Put aside mainstream salad for appetizer, this should get more recognition.  Chicken Sausages is cooked using sous vide method (a modern cooking method where the product is vacuum-packed and poached on stable-controlled water of 60C) and wrapped by its own crispy skin. The flavor, texture, and exact seasoning create an ultimate distinguished flavor. Wait till you spoon the potato-cream soup and few drops of leek confit (slowly cooked leek in oil). So succulent that you might not even recognize each element on the plate.

60 Degree Chicken (Sous Vide Chicken, Mushroom Duxelles, Potato Confit, Carrot Puree, Chicken Jus)
60 Degree chicken may sound dangerous and needs further cooking. No it’s not. It’s just perfect enough to slice and eat. That’s what sous vide is capable of. It’s almost impossible to differentiate between slicing through chicken breast or chicken thigh because of the tenderness similarity. What makes it more incredible is that the juiciness and flavor of the chicken stays inside the chicken, in other words, cooked in its own flavor. You may look at colour complexity on the plate, and feel odds to taste it individually. Don’t worry. Put a little of each on the chicken and BOOM! The unique flavor of mushroom mix (duxelles), crispy and starchy potato, sweet and distinguished texture of carrot puree, and the perfect seasoned and reduced chicken jus, are exactly the way to perfect-ize the chicken.

Banana Bread (Cream Cheese, Chocolate Mousse, Salted Caramel, Raspberry Gelato)
After reading the title, you know nothing could go wrong. Banana bread is amazing enough to eat with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but imagine if we dive it into better and greater companion. Cream cheese and chocolate mousse are like Romeo and Juliet of dessert, paired it with banana bread and raspberry gelato, are what to die for. It’s warm and cold, sweet and sour, tart and salty at the same time. It feels like they are playing to confuse your taste buds, in the most amusing way.

Location   : Thirty Six Cafe Medan
Address    : Jl. Multatuli No.36, Hamdan, Medan Maimun, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20151, Indonesia
Cooked by: Chef Milen Meccano Ocean

"What I wore?"  by Veronyca

I am wearing my current favorite jumpsuit from Pomelo Fashion! it just simply chic since i am a big fan of one piece outfit. I want to look not so fancy - just simply chic and mature. Hiding all the fats with this comfortable and chic suit. Would like to thanks Pomelo for this suit cause i won their giveaway voucher with my best friend Tiffani Kosasih (Check out her blog). We won it, cause we are currently having a long distance relationship aka my shopping partner back to those university days.

On that valentine's night, i wore it without my floppy hat cause why should i wore it on night and of course without sunnies. But since i recreate this look for this post, i will just add more accessories and different heels. Fun fact - I bought this wedges like about three years ago and it was love at first sight but now it ended up on my shoes rack and still looking flawless. Quality win! Now, i am kinda regret bought a trendy shoes but have a poor quality. From now on - I aim for Quality !
Without further talks, check it out:


Angle does matter , regardless how i look fat in here. I still love this picture.

My special shot taken by Eric Halim.

Hats: HM
Choker: Forever 21
Jumpsuit: Pomelo Fashion
Heels: Charles and Keith
Bag: Michael Kors

Sorry for the long post, Here's a POTATO ! Do not forget to drop some comment below.
Image result for potato 9gag meme
Credit to: 9gag

Veronyca Sufry 



  1. Verrr you need to make a food blog for Adrian hahaha :D

    1. I know righttttt... he is so good at writing about food

  2. Hello, thank you so much for stopping by my blog! You look so beautiful in the photos and the lighting looks amazing.
    I can tell that you had a wonderful meal course and AWWWWW (●´□`)♡ that is so sweet of your boyfriend to take out secretly on that dinner!!

    S T Y L E B L O G

  3. Love your hat and its look so cool in yours with those outfit ^^

    xoxo, Kartikaryani

  4. i love your jumpsuit, nice place and cool post

  5. Nyesel banget baca ini! Huahahaha bikin laper. Aku baru tau lho pacarmu chef. You're so lucky, and your bf is indeed romantic! ;)